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Surname Allmann - Meaning and Origin

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Allmann: What does the surname Allmann mean?

The last name Allmann is an occupational surname derived from an Old German language term meaning “alderman” or “magistrate.” It is thought to have originated in southwestern Germany. During the Middle Ages, professionals such as merchants, lawyers, and teachers often belonged to associations called “alderman” and held a prestigious position within their respective organization. As the surname spread through Europe, its spelling varied depending on language and origin; Allmann is one of many modern spellings.

The Allmanns were likely prominent members of their communities, indicated by their surname. It is possible that the Allmanns held important positions of power in their local areas. For instance, they may have been responsible for upholding laws and overseeing the implementation of local taxes. They may have also served as the leader of their guild, ensuring all members followed the appropriate regulations and honored their agreements.

The Allmanns would have been well-known within their community and widely respected. They would have likely enjoyed literacy and numeracy, had access to education, and were likely able to own their own businesses or properties. This lifestyle likely extended to their family members as well.

The Allmann surname is an ancient one and is still found in many parts of Europe today. It is a testament to the legacy of a medieval profession and provides a reminder of the great importance placed on occupations and roles in the Middle Ages.

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Allmann: Where does the name Allmann come from?

The Allmann name is predominantly common in Germany, particularly in the southeast and southwest regions of the country. It is not considered a particularly widespread name, and is therefore comparatively rare. The most common place to find the Allmann name is in small villages where it is likely to have originated centuries ago.

According to the German phonebook, the Allmann name appears in several towns across Germany, including the Bavarian towns of Neuburg an der Donau, Wachenroth, Beilngries, Hengersberg, Stattersdorf, and Pöttmes, as well as Berlin, Hamburg, and Magdeburg.

In North America, the Allmann name appears to be somewhat rarer, but a few families can be found in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Census records from 2019 show that there were 233 Allmann households in the US, 22 in Canada, and 10 in Mexico.

The Allmann name has also spread beyond Germany and North America, including small populations in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, and Australia. While the Allmann name is not particularly widespread in any of these countries, it does appear to be gaining traction in recent years due to the mobility of the modern world.

Though the Allmann name is not particularly common in any one location, it will always have a special significance for those who bear it. As a small, unique surname with German roots, it has the potential to evoke strong feelings of identity and ancestry among those who carry it into the future.

Variations of the surname Allmann

Allmann is a variant spelling and surname of numerous origin and meaning. It is derived from a German word meaning 'man'. As a surname, it could have arisen as a nickname for a man, denoting physical characteristics or behaviour.

The most common spellings of Allman are Allman, Allmann, Allmon, Alman, Almann, Almon, Allmanns, and Ellman. Significantly, these spellings are also used as a given name.

In England and Wales, Allman is derived from the Old Norse term Áleifr, a personal name meaning 'ancestor's descendant'. In Scandinavia, the surname is often linked to its location, spelled as Almen, meaning 'of the island'.

Allman is also an Ashkenazi Jewish surname, which is derived from the Yiddish term Alman, meaning a scribe or secretary. It is also recorded as Allmannheim. An American variant spelling of the surname Allman is also present.

In Scotland, Allman is derived from the Old Gaelic term Mac Ailin, meaning ‘son of Ailin’, a personal name meaning ‘little rock’.

In Germany, Allman and Allmann refer to a habitational name, derived from places called Allmannsdorf and Allmannsdorf. It could also be derived from the given name Alman, which is derived from the Alemannic tribe.

In France, Allman could be a variant spelling of the French habitational surname Allmanant, derived from places called Allman and Allmannt in the Loire-Atlantique department. It could also derive from the Old German name Aleman.

There are many variants, spellings and surnames of Allmann with multiple origin, which can be derived from the region or profession and different given names.

Famous people with the name Allmann

  • Buzz Allman: multi-instrumentalist musician and founding member of the band The Allman Brothers Band
  • Wyatt Allman: former American professional football defensive lineman
  • German S Allman: Colombian National Police General
  • Tony Allman: British actor and writer
  • Joseph Allman: American music composer
  • Darren Allman: Australian athlete
  • Humphries Allman: British actor
  • Harry Allman: American actor
  • Curt Allman: American racing driver
  • Patty Allman: journalist and author

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