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Surname Allred - Meaning and Origin

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D. Allred

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Allred: What does the surname Allred mean?

The surname Allred is of Old English origin, derived from the personal name "Aethelraed," where "Aethel" means noble and "raed" means counsel or advice. Allred is a patronymic surname, meaning it is based on the name of a male ancestor, typically the father or another older male in the lineage. The name suggests characteristics such as wise counsel or noble counsel, hinting that ancestors bearing this name may have been advisors or counselors of some stature. The surname Allred may also have geographical origins, as "Allred" could have denoted someone who lived in a place with the same name. Many variations of this surname exist, including Aldred, Eldred, Alldread, and Allread, among others. The name Allred is fairly common in the United States, particularly in the western and southern states, reflecting the patterns of migration of families bearing this surname. Today, people named Allred may trace their ancestry back to England, where the name first originated.

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Allred: Where does the name Allred come from?

The surname Allred is of Old English origin derived from the personal name, Aelfred, which is composed of two elements "ælf, elf," and "ræd, counsel." The name Aelfred is thus interpreted as "Elf-counsel." The surname Allred, however, was only established in the late Anglo-Saxon and early Medieval periods, and was primarily found in northern England, particularly in Yorkshire.

Over time, Allreds have migrated across the globe. Today, the United States has a significant concentration of individuals named Allred, particularly in the states of Utah, North Carolina, and California. The high incidence of the surname in Utah is attributable to the mid-19th-century settlement of the state by Mormon pioneers, among whom the Allred family was prominent. Some Mormons took the surname 'Allred' as they adopted English names as part of their assimilation into American society. The Allred surname is also found, albeit less commonly, in Canada, Australia, England, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Allred

The surname Allred is believed to have an English origin, derived from two Old English given names— "Ealhraed" and "Aelfraed". It means "wholly counsel" or "sage". Due to various factors such as emigration and regional variations, the name Allred has developed a few variant spellings and similar surnames.

Some variations and similar surnames of Allred include Allread, Aldred, Allard, Ailward, Ailred, Alldred, Eldred, Ellard, and Alread. There can also be a shift in the letter 'a' using vowels such as in Alred, Elred, Ilred, Olred, and Ulred. Occasionally, the 'a' is dropped leading to such versions as Llred.

While most versions are derived from English-speaking countries, there are also foreign-language surnames that share a similar origin or meaning. For example, the French surname Auclair has a similar meaning, as it translates to "completely clear".

As Allred is often a patronymic surname, there are also variations that include prefixes or suffixes indicating lineage such as McAllred or Allredson.

Given the variations in spelling and pronunciation over centuries and across regions, it is possible to find even more deviations from the original surname.

Famous people with the name Allred

  • Gloria Allred: An influential women's rights attorney known for tackling high-profile cases.
  • Mike Allred: An American comic book artist, writer, and creator, known for his unique art style.
  • Brian David Allred: A professional baseball player who played minor league baseball in the United States.
  • Owen Allred: A high-profile leader in the United Order of Allred, a Mormon Fundamentalist sect.
  • Gary Allred: An accomplished professional golfer who has competed in multiple tournaments.
  • Jeffery Allred: A famous photojournalist for the New York Daily News.
  • Brandt Allred: A world-renowned concert pianist.
  • E. Dale Allred: A prominent politician from Arizona who served in the Arizona State Senate.
  • Laura Allred: An American comic book colorist who frequently collaborates with her husband, Mike Allred.
  • Martha Hughes Cannon: Born Martha Maria Hughes and later became Martha Hughes Allred, she was the first female State Senator in the United States.
  • Lance Allred: A former professional basketball player, who was the first legally deaf player in the NBA.
  • Byron Allred: A famous musician who is best known as a keyboardist for the Steve Miller Band.
  • Moroni B Allred: A member of a fundamentalist sect of the Latter Day Saint movement.

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