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Surname Allsip - Meaning and Origin

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Allsip: What does the surname Allsip mean?

The surname Allsip is an English habitational name, derived from two similarly-named villages in Cumbria, Allsop and Allaside. It is likely that bearers of the name came from those villages at some point during the Middle Ages, or from another settlement similar in name.

The surname is thought to have been in existence since the 13th century. The Cumbrian villages take their name from the Old English words ‘alh’ and ‘sop’. ‘Alh’ is thought to refer to an area of outlying farmland or a small meadow, while ‘sop’ is probably derived from a personal name.

The name was likely used as a distinguishing family name by bearers of the same name, in other words, a family that shared a common ancestor would take on the name of their ancestor's hometown. This would help identify them from others of the same surname.

The surname Allsip has been found as far away as Canada, Australia and the United States, often originating from England. Many variants of the name exist, such as Alsop, Allsopp and Alcewes, the latter of which was first documented in 1275.

The Allsips of today are likely to be descendants of these 13th century families, likely living in the Cumbrian area or further afield. The surname continues to be a mark of identity and heritage of an ancestral lineage, helping to distinguish its bearers and celebrate the past.

Allsip: Where does the name Allsip come from?

The Allsip surname originated in the United Kingdom. It is most commonly found today in London and surrounding areas, as well as in other parts of England as well as Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Since the United Kingdom is not the only country in the world where the Allsip name is found, it has spread throughout the world. For instance, the Allsip name can be found in parts of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

In the United States, the Allsip surname is most commonly found in areas along the east coast. Areas where large waves of immigration occurred in the 19th and early 20th centuries, such as central and southern Pennsylvania, are often home to a large number of Allsip families. The surname is also fairly common in New England states such as Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as in the Mid-Atlantic states of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.

The Allsip surname is also found in many other parts of the world, including parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even Germany. In most cases, these countries have large populations of people who are descended from British settlers. As a result, many families with the Allsip surname can be found around the globe.

Variations of the surname Allsip

The surname Allsip is an English patronymic surname, which means "son of Alsi". The Allsip surname is commonly found in England and the U.S. Variants, spellings, and surnames for Allsip are Alsup, Allsup, Alsepp, Allsopp, Awlsopp,Elsop, and Elsipp.

Alsup can be traced back to the Old English name Aethelswith. It is a locational name as it was used for someone from a place with the name “Aethelswith’s hill”. In the 12th century, records show that there were several sites of which the individual got their name from; one of the references was Aethelswith's Hill which was located in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

The Allsup spelling of the surname is a variant derived from the Old English Alswith, which is a place name meaning “Aelf's abode”. There are records of the name Allsup dating back to the 13th century in East Lancashire and Suffolk, England.

The Alsepp variant of the surname is thought to be derived from Ireland, where it is a name for someone who came from a place called Alsepp (Aill Saibhe in Irish). Although the origin of the name is still commonplace today, there are records that show the name being used as early as the 1500s in Ireland.

The Allsopp variant of the surname may stem from the old Norse personal name Alf, which is a shortened form of various Germanic names. It is also thought to be derived from a place in Lancashire in England called Allsopp, which dates back to at least 1316.

The Awlsopp variant of the surname could have been derived from the old English words awal, meaning "alder", and sopp, meaning "soland". The use of this surname in England dates back to the 1200s.

The Elsop and Elsipp variants of the surname are thought to have originated from a place name in Derbyshire called Ellesop. The name may refer to the “hill of Elles” which is the Old English word for “elf”. Records from the 12th century show that the Elsop and Elsipp variants of the surname were used in Derbyshire.

Famous people with the name Allsip

  • Jay Allsip: British broadcaster
  • Alistair Allsip: English actor
  • Robert Allsip: American World War II Navy veteran
  • Ernestine Allsip: American sculptor
  • Quentin Allsip: English football coach
  • Linda Allsip: American businesswoman
  • Roberta Allsip: American suffragette
  • Samuel Allsip: English theatre producer
  • Graeme Allsip: Australian cricketer
  • Darren Allsip: English football player
  • Jonathan Allsip: English radio presenter
  • Terence Allsip: Canadian journalist
  • Charles Allsip: English businessman
  • Richard Allsip: English artist
  • Dan Allsip: American athlete
  • Olive Allsip: English suffragette
  • Catherina Allsip: Australian academic
  • Trent Allsip: Australian footballer
  • Elizabeth Allsip: English opera singer
  • Stephen Allsip: American musician

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