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Surname Allum - Meaning and Origin

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Allum: What does the surname Allum mean?

The surname Allum is chiefly British and could be of two discernible origins. First, it may be of geographical derivation, hailing from a place called Allum in Northumberland, England. In this context, Allum comes from the Old English words 'ealh' (meaning temple or sanctuary) and 'ham' (meaning settlement or homestead), thereby denoting a place where a temple is located.

Secondly, it could be metonymic occupational in nature, originating from the trade of an alum worker or dealer. In medieval times, 'alum' was a crucial mineral used in the dyeing process of mostly fabrics and leather. Thus, the name might have been initially used for individuals who either traded in alum or worked with it. Over time, the name would have been passed down through generations as a surname.

The surname Allum is found in various spelling variations including Allam, Allum, Allam, Allem, and more. Despite the disparate origins, both point to specific locations or occupations which were key identifiers in an era before the widespread use of surnames.

Allum: Where does the name Allum come from?

The surname Allum is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is derived from the Old English personal name "Eallum," which is the dative plural of a Germanic personal name "Alia," meaning "other." The name might also have evolved from the Middle English "alum" or Old French "aleume," both referring to the mineral alum that was vital in dyeing and tanning during medieval times, indicating that the first person to bear this surname could have been a worker in these industries.

While the beginning of the Allum surname can be traced back to England, with the earliest known record from the 13th century in the county of Kent, migration and international dispersion across decades have scattered bearers of the surname worldwide. Today, the Allum family name is most common in England. You can also find surname holders in Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Scotland. It is less commonly found in Wales, South Africa, Ireland, and Brazil, amongst other countries. Regardless of regional variances, the surname Allum remains globally infrequent.

Variations of the surname Allum

The surname Allum has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These differences in spelling were often due to an assortment of variables, such as phonetic spelling, emigration or regional dialect differences. The most common and closely related include Allam, Allum, Allam, Allum, Allon, Allem and Alum.

The surname Allen could also be related as it is phonetically similar. Other related surnames could be Hallam and Allom, because they share the same origin and root meaning. Further, noticeably phonetic variants include Alleyn, Allin, Alin, and Allyn, often arising from regional spelling conventions.

It should be noted that exact surname origins can sometimes be hard to trace due to lack of historical documentation and the many factors that could affect a surname’s evolution over centuries. Therefore, these surnames should be used as guidance rather than an absolute reference of surnames related to Allum.

Famous people with the name Allum

  • Pippa Allum: a professional British triathlete.
  • Adrian Allum: a British racing driver.
  • Frederick Allum: an American lawyer and diplomat.
  • Sarah Allum: an actor and presenter on BBC Radio.
  • John Allum: a British-Australian author and public speaker.
  • Clive Allum: an English football defender.
  • Gordon Allum: an American actor and comedy writer.
  • Derek Allum: an English former footballer.
  • Dean Allum: a British photographer and film director.
  • Brice Allum: an American former professional basketball player.
  • Bill Allum: an English professional golfer.
  • Richard Allum: an English professional footballer.
  • Julian Allum: a British multi-instrumentalist and composer.
  • Dave Allum: a British former professional racing driver.
  • Emma Allum: a British radio DJ and television presenter.

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