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Surname Alonso - Meaning and Origin

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Alonso: What does the surname Alonso mean?

The last name Alonso is an ancient Spanish and Portuguese last name of patronymic origin, meaning "son of Alfonso". The name Alfonso itself originated as a Germanic name meaning "ready for battle."

The surname was first recorded in Segovia, Castilla in 1040. From there it spread throughout the Spanish Empire in the Middle Ages and by the 15th century, Alonso had become a common Christian name in Spain.

Today, Alonso is still a very popular name in Spain, and it is particularly common in the northern region of Catalonia and in the Basque region. In the United States, it is the 245th most common surname.

Emigration records show that many people bearing the Alonso surname left Spain during the 16th century, relocating especially to the Caribbean. During the 20th century, Spanish immigration to the United States increased, and many people bearing the Alonso surname immigrated to North and South America.

The meaning of the last name Alonso encompasses the core values of Spain: courage, honour, justice and loyalty. In Hispanic culture, such a surname denotes that the family in question belongs to the highest echelon of society, and conveys the respect and adoration that is so entwined within Spanish culture. It symbolizes strength and a solid foundation, and is both powerful and recognizable.

Alonso: Where does the name Alonso come from?

The last name Alonso is common in Spain, Mexico, other Latin American countries, Cuba, and some areas of the Philippines. Within Spain, the most concentrated populations of people with the last name Alonso can be found in the regions of Castilla y León and Asturias, the cities of Madrid and Valladolid, and the Canary Islands.

In countries such as Mexico, the majority of Alonsos may be traced back to colonial times, when families with this last name immigrated to the country from various areas of Spain. This is the case in many other Latin American countries, as well. In Cuba, the name Alonso is most common in the province of Camagüey.

As for the Philippines, the map of Alonso's in the country reveals that most people with this last name live in the northeastern region of the country, particularly in the provinces of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, and Cagayan.

In the United States, Alonso is quite popular, especially among recent immigrants from Latin American countries. According to the 2010 US Census data, the Alonso surname is the 486th most common last name in the United States. However, it is much more common in some areas than it is in others. For example, the states with the largest percentage of people with the last name Alonso are Arizona, Florida, California, and Texas.

Variations of the surname Alonso

The surname Alonso is of Spanish origin and it is derived from the Visigothic personal name Adalfuns, which means “noble” in the Germanic language. It operates as both a given name and a surname in many Spanish-speaking countries. Variants and spellings of the same origin include Alfonso, Alons, Alphon, Alfons, Alon, Alfon, Alonse, Alfonson, Allons, Aluns, Auns, Elonson, Olafonson, Olanson, Olafson, Halon and Olffson.

The surname Alonso is a very common name throughout Europe, especially in Spanish-speaking countries, such as Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. It might also appear in Portuguese, Italian and German as it is a common name among Sephardic Jews. In fact, the surname Alonso is used in many languages, and its variants appear in longer forms such as Alfonso de los Ríos, full of noble Spanish surnames.

Other surnames of the same origin are also derived from the Visigothic personal name Adalfuns. These include Alfonsi, Allens, Alonsos, and Allensons. In terms of other surnames, the variants of Alonso often are found in conjunction with given names of Iberian origin, such as Martin, de la Cruz, and de las Casas.

In summary, the surname Alonso is an old name of Visigothic origin. It is widely used across European languages, and is a common feature in families of Spanish descent, sometimes in conjunction with other Iberian names of origin. Other variants from the same origin include Alfonso, Alfonsi, Allens, Alonsos, Allensons, Alfons, Alon, Alfon, Alonse, Alfonson, Allons, Aluns, Aluns and Olffson.

Famous people with the name Alonso

  • Fernando Alonso: A two-time Formula 1 world champion and the most successful Spanish F1 driver of all time.
  • Yalitza Aparicio Alonso: Mexican actress and Academy Award nominee.
  • Magdalena Alonso: Spanish filmmaker, editor, and screenwriter.
  • Luciano Alonso: Spanish actor and director.
  • Xoel López Alonso: Galician singer-songwriter.
  • Arturo Alonso: Spanish comedian and actor.
  • Sebastián, Luca, & Paulina Alonso: Three American actors, siblings born of Spanish parents.
  • Mónica Alonso: Bolivian chess Grandmaster and former Vice President of FIDE.
  • Luis Alonso: Spanish dharma teacher.
  • Elena Alonso: Spanish politician, President of the government of Asturias from 2011–2015.

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