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Surname Alp - Meaning and Origin

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Alp: What does the surname Alp mean?

Alp is a Turkish origin surname which means "hero" or "brave". Derived from old Turkish language, it has been used in various cultures and civilizations across Central Asia and the Middle East for centuries as both names and titles. This last name would usually be given to families known for their bravery in battle or military service. Alp might also mean "mountain" or "high" in some languages, reflecting the characteristics such as strength, stability and prominence associated with mountains. Although Alp is more common as a male name, it is not gender-specific and can be used by both genders. In ancient Turkish mythology, Alp was often associated with heroic figures, warriors, and leaders, embodying virtues like courage, valor, and leadership. A notable example is Alp Arslan, the second sultan of the Seljuk Empire who reigned in the 11th century. Overall, Alp as a surname carries a strong implication of nobility, bravery, and high status.

Alp: Where does the name Alp come from?

The last name Alp is most commonly used in Switzerland. The meaning of the name is “upper-most” or “mountain” and there are over 2700 people with that name living in the country. Alp is also a fairly common last name in neighboring Germany and Austria.

The name is derived from traditional Swiss culture, as it is the term used to describe the highest mountain cowsheds. This term was later used to denote the hutkeepers and farmers living in the high mountain valleys of the Alps. In fact, many of these farmers maintained herds of cattle in the high alpine pastures, which was an essential source of wealth in the cantons of Switzerland.

In other parts of Europe, Alp is a much less common name, though it is occasionally found in France, Italy, and even Turkey. Those with the Alp last name are likely to be of either Swiss, German, or Austrian descent. Outside of this region, Alp is a rather rare name and may be difficult to find.

Overall, Alp is primarily a Swiss name, though it is also occasionally found in the neighbouring regions of Germany, Austria, and other parts of Europe.

Variations of the surname Alp

Variants of the surname Alp include Alpen, Elfe, Alff, Allp, Alpf, Alpe, Alff and Alf. The surname Alp is also thought to be derived from the Old German long-haired people (Aelfen), a group of ancient people who live in Germany and Switzerland during the early middle ages.

In some cases, Alp has been documented as a spelling variant of the name Alpine, which is an anglicized version of the German word Alpen meaning 'from the Alps'. This name is traditionally given to people from the Alsace region of France or Switzerland.

On the other hand, Alp can also be a truncated version of the surname Alphonse, which comes from the Germanic given name Adalwolf, meaning 'noble wolf'. This name was especially popular in Germany during the early middle ages, and later spread through Europe via immigrants with the surname Alphonse.

The surname Alp can also be found in some Scandinavian countries, where it is often spelled Alpf/Allpf. This version of the name has also been documented in English-speaking countries, with the spelling variants Alpfe and Alffe appearing in some records.

Finally, variants of the surname Alp can also be found in Ireland, where it is often spelled Elfe or Elphe. These variations of the name are thought to have derived from the Irish personal name Elphey or Elphege, which derived from Scottish/Gaelic origins.

Famous people with the name Alp

  • Christina Alp: She is an American artist, philanthropist, and businesswoman who lives in California.
  • Alp Aksoy: He is a Turkish footballer who plays for Istanbul BB in the Turkish Süper Lig.
  • Oliver Alp: He is a French footballer who plays for FC Lorient in the French Ligue 1.
  • Keskin Alp: He is a retired Turkish footballer who played for several clubs in Turkey, including Antalyaspor and Dardanelspor.
  • Michael Alp: He is an American politician and current member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
  • Burcu Alp: She is a Turkish actress who has appeared in several TV shows and films, most notably the drama series, "Çalıkuşu".
  • Mario Alp: He is a Swiss footballer who plays for Basel 1893 in the Swiss Super League.
  • Augustus Alp: He is a Swiss-Turkish entrepreneur and investor in multiple industries, including renewable energy, blockchain technology, and e-commerce.
  • Greg Alp: He is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played for the Brisbane Broncos, in the NRL.
  • Malik Alp: He is a French-Turkish pop singer and songwriter who is well known for the song "Viens".

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