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Surname Amaling - Meaning and Origin

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Amaling: What does the surname Amaling mean?

The last name Amaling is an uncommon surname of unknown origin. It is believed to have exploded in popularity in the mid-1700s, though there is no evidence of its true origin. One hypothesis is that the name can be traced back to the Amalinges, a tribe of Germanic people who lived in the 6th century. Alternatively, the name may have derived from one of the numerous places in Germany with names beginning with "Amal," such as Amalberga and Amalburga.

In modern times, the surname is especially popular in Germany, where it can be found in both former East and West Germany. It is also quite common in Austria and Switzerland, as well as in South America, the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Most people with the Amaling last name are believed to be descended from the same family, though the origin story is still disputed. Despite its mysterious origins, those with the Amaling last name likely share a common ancestor, though the exact identity is yet to be established. Other than that, the meaning of the surname remains unknown, making it an especially interesting one to research and explore.

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Amaling: Where does the name Amaling come from?

The last name Amaling is most commonly found in the Philippines. Primarily concentrated in the islands of Palawan and Panay, records indicate that the last name Amaling is a name of Chinese origin.

Although it is not widely found in the Northern region of the Philippines, records indicated that the last name Amaling is among the many foreign-sounding names that are common in the Southeastern region. It is likely that the name has been in use in the Southeastern region since the late 19th or early 20th century, when Chinese settlers first immigrated to the region.

Today, there is still a large concentration of Amalings living in the region. According to the Philippine Census, a total of 740 people were found to bear this last name, most of which are found in Palawan.

Aside from the Philippines, the last name Amaling can also be found elsewhere in Southeast Asia, including the countries of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. In some cases, the spelling of the last name may be slightly different due to regional variation within each country. It is also likely to find the name Amaling in the United States, given the large population of Filipino immigrants to the country.

Variations of the surname Amaling

The surname Amaling is fairly uncommon and is thought to originate from the Malay word 'Amal', meaning 'hope' or 'wish'. Variants of the surname Amaling include the spelling variants Amaline, Amalec and Amallec as well as the surnames Amling, Amelin, and Amling.

The Amaling surname is found in various countries around the world, and as a result many different variants of the surname can be found. In some cases, the original spelling of the name is slightly altered. In France, the Amaling surname is sometimes spelt Amaeling or Amaelling. In Germany, the surname is sometimes spelt Ammeling or Ammelek. Other variants of the name include the Italian Amelingi, and the Dutch Ameline.

The Ameling surname is sometimes used as a given name as well, with the variant spelling Amalin, for example, sometimes being used as a first name.

In the United States, the Ameling surname is sometimes spelled Ammling, while in Canada it may be spelled as Amaline. In the UK, it can be found as a variant of the surname Ameling, with two possible spellings: Amelins or Amellin.

In some cases, the surname Amaling has been translated into other languages, with the Japanese version being Amanaru and the Korean version being Amuuri.

Overall, the surname Amaling has many different spellings and variations, all reflecting the global reach of the surname and its history as an immigrant family name.

Famous people with the name Amaling

  • Haslyn Amaling: a Nepalese-American poet.
  • Julia Amaling: a German singer-songwriter.
  • Sam Amaling: a former professional American football player.
  • Dach Amaling: an actor, producer, and writer from Singapore.
  • Valerie Amaling: a British-American actor and model.
  • Taylor Amaling: a singer-songwriter from Canada.
  • Elias Amaling: a Belgian singer-songwriter.
  • Simone Amaling: a Norwegian-American fashion designer.
  • Jesper Amaling: a Dutch footballer.
  • King Amaling: a German rapper.
  • Askey Amaling: a British actor.
  • Anmoli Amaling: an Indian film actress.
  • Verena Amaling: an Austrian fashion designer.
  • Eren Amaling: a Turkish-Swiss architect.
  • Mayla Amaling: an Australian artist.
  • Quillan Amaling: an American entrepreneur and investor.
  • Dalhel Amaling: an Indonesian actor.
  • Meg Amaling: a French professional footballer.
  • Remy Amaling: a Canadian musician and producer.
  • Ilona Amaling: a Ukrainian-American neuroscientist.

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