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Surname Amalong - Meaning and Origin

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Amalong: What does the surname Amalong mean?

The last name Amalong is of Filipino origin, derived from the word “halong” which means “sandy,” referring to a person who lived near a sandy coast or beach. It is also possible that the name's origin could be attributed to two separate Chinese words which, combined, mean “along the beach.”

The Amalong family is composed of people who are hardworking, ambitious and driven. These individuals are known for their passion and dedication to whatever task at hand, and often make great team players due to their highly collaborative nature. Furthermore, the Amalongs value interpersonal relationships, often forming close bonds with their family, friends, and colleagues. These relationships often transcend into the workplace, as they are often able to gain the trust, respect and admiration of those they work with.

The Amalongs come from deep-rooted cultural values, understanding the importance of respect, education and work-ethic. They participate in meaningful activities that help better their communities and demonstrate their respect for their roots by honoring their traditions and heritage.

The Amalongs are proud individuals who have made their mark in a variety of professions such as medicine, engineering, finance, politics, education, and the military. They are known for their remarkable success, no matter what the endeavor and many attribute this success to their strong work ethic and dedication to their chosen path.

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Amalong: Where does the name Amalong come from?

The Amalong surname is believed to be of Germanic origin, tracing back to the Francophone region of France. It appears to have migrated to various parts of Europe and possibly beyond, and is still found today in certain areas.

In the United States, there are around 1,000 people with the Amalong surname, mostly located in the northeastern states of New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Virginia. This suggests that many of the people with the Amalong surname have roots in colonial America.

In Canada, the Amalong surname is less common, with only around 70 people bearing this name. Most are located in Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. This likely reflects a more recent migration than in the United States.

In the United Kingdom, the Amalong surname is much more common, with over 1,600 people having this name. Here, the majority of people are found in England, but there are also individuals in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Further afield, the Amalong surname can be found in France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Belarus. This suggests that the Amalong surname has spread to other countries, likely via migration or emigration over the centuries.

On a global scale, it appears that the Amalong surname is still common in certain countries. As such, it appears that the Amalong name has been able to survive, even over time and space.

Variations of the surname Amalong

The surname Amalong is of Spanish and French origin and derives from the various names of Amalung, Amaong, Amalong, Amabaong, Begona, and Longa. It can also be spelled as Amalon, Amaon, Amabon, Amalaong, Amalung, and Amaloung.

The variants of the surname Amalong could be found in different regions of the world and depend on regional influence and pronunciation. In the United States, some English-speaking patrons may spell the surname as Amalong, while other English-speaking patrons may spell it as Amalon. In Spain, Amalong is commonly spelled as Amaong or Amaon, and in France, it is usually spelled as Amalaong.

The surname Amalong has many surnames derived from the same origin. Some of these derivatives are Amabeun, Amalter, Amalou, Amalur, Amalut, Amallo, Amalax, Amaloy, and Amalal. It can also be found with alternative spellings such as Amalau, Amalao, Amala, Amaloung, Amallon, Amalong, Amaloux, Amallong, Amaloung, and Amaloung.

Alternative spellings and surnames of Amalong can also be found in different regions of the world. In the Philippines, the variant Amabun is commonly used and in Mexico, Begona is popular. In Italy, the variant Amaltore is popularly used, while in Argentina, the variant Amalut is preferred. In India, the variant Amalal is commonly used, while in South America, the variant Amalax is preferred. Additionally, the variants Longa and Amallong are commonly found in various regions as well.

In conclusion, the surname Amalong has many variants, spellings, and surnames derived from the same origin, which depend on regional influence, pronunciation, and other factors.

Famous people with the name Amalong

  • John Amalong, former professional baseball player with the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Tanya Amalong, Professional Golfer and founding member of the LPGA
  • Jim Amalong, defensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens
  • Chris Amalong, NFL football player for the Oakland Raiders
  • Mark Amalong, actor, known for his role as Sven in the television show The Strain
  • Ty Amalong, former professional baseball player with the Baltimore Orioles
  • Heather Amalong, Olympic Gold Medalist in Women's Hockey
  • Tommy Amalong, NHL hockey player for the Colorado Avalanche
  • Jake Amalong, professional skateboarder with over 35 X-Games medals
  • Austen Amalong, professional race car driver and winner of the Indianapolis 500

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