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Surname Aman - Meaning and Origin

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Aman: What does the surname Aman mean?

The surname Aman has multiple origins and meanings which may depend on the cultural and geographical contexts.

In Arabic, Aman means "security" or "peace". It is also common in Ethiopia, where it might have different connotations.

In India and Pakistan, it is sometimes a given name, a surname, or a title, with meanings including "peace", "protection”, "trust", "safety", "shelter", or "refuge".

In Dutch, Aman is a variant of the surname Amsing, which was often given to someone from the village of Amen in the province of Drenthe.

In addition, there are Jewish families with the name Aman, possibly of Sephardic origin, though its meaning in this context is unclear.

This demonstrates the rich tapestry of meanings associated with the name Aman; its meanings ranging from protection and safety to indicating a geographical origin. However, regardless of its origins, the name Aman transcends cultural and geographical borders and is shared by people from all walks of life across the globe.

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Aman: Where does the name Aman come from?

The surname Aman is said to have multiple origins. Some research suggests a Germanic origin, derived from the personal name 'Amo,' meaning eagle or brave. It could also be a variant of 'Amann,' a status name for a foreman or overseer, from the Middle High German amman. Aman is also a common last name among Ethiopian and Jewish communities.

In Ethiopia, Aman means peace and is often used as a first or a family name. Amongst Jewish families, Aman could be a variation of Eman, which means belief, derived from Amun/Iman.

In terms of its prevalence today, the surname Aman is most common in Ethiopia, followed closely by Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. In the United States, most of the bearers of the Aman surname are found in North Carolina. However, the name is still relatively rare and is not exceedingly common in any specific region.

Variations of the surname Aman

The surname Aman is thought to be derived from a variety of sources. It can be a variant of German surname, Ammann, which means farm manager in Old High German. Variations can include Ammon, Ammann, and Amm.

In Arabic, Aman means safety or security, and it can also be a variant of the name Iman meaning faith. Variations might include Amman and Eaman.

In Dutch and Frisian, Aman is a variant of the masculine given name Arman or Armand, indicating a “strong man”. Variations can include Arman and Armand.

The name is also present in Ethiopia and India where it could have different origins and meanings altogether.

As a Jewish surname, Aman can have variants spelling such as Amann, Amban, or Amam. It has also common English variants including Ayman and Aymon as well as Aeman. These variants have same phonetic pronunciation but different spelling.

As with any surname, regional differences, dialects and the passage of time can lead to further variations in spelling and pronunciation.

Famous people with the name Aman

  • Claudia Aman: A German fashion model who gained popularity in the late 90s.
  • Aishah Aman: A Malaysian politician who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  • Adrian Aman: A Romanian professional footballer who played as a striker and midfielder.
  • Ellen Aman: Sherved under President Ford as the director of the Office of Management and Budget.
  • Musa Aman: A Malaysian politician, served as the 14th Chief Minister of Sabah.
  • Kim Johan Aman: A Swedish professional ice hockey player.
  • Andreas Aman (Amandus): A Swedish bishop in the Church of Sweden.
  • Amina Aman: A Norwegian politician representing the Labour Party.
  • Dan Aman: An American writer and the author of acclaimed graphic novels and illustrated books.
  • Jamil Aman: A Nigerian actor known for his roles in movies like Lionheart and A Private Storm.

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