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Surname Amason - Meaning and Origin

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Amason: What does the surname Amason mean?

The surname Amason is of Swedish origin and appears to be derived from the biblical name "Amos," which was often used as a personal name in the Middle Ages. The name Amos is of Hebrew origin and means "carried by God." The suffix "-son" is a typical Scandinavian patronymic indicating "son of," hence Amason could be interpreted as "son of Amas" or "son of Amos." It should be noted that spellings of surnames can change over centuries and may have different meanings in different cultures. The variations of the spelling in English include Amason, Amesson, Amesson and others. It is also used as a first name in some cultures. As a surname, it is found in the United States, England, and Sweden, among other countries, suggesting a broader geographic dispersal. Remember, surname meanings can often be interpreted in a variety of ways and could have evolved differently in different regions or families.

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Amason: Where does the name Amason come from?

The surname Amason is of Swedish origin, and it translates to "son of Ama or Ami", a short form of feminine names beginning with Am-, like Amalia. The suffix -son in Swedish languages is used to denote "son of", very similar to how other European cultures use surnames.

Despite its Swedish roots, the use of the name can also be traced to English-speaking countries due to migration and intermarriage. This name is notably prevalent in the United States, probably brought over by Swedish immigrants during periods of immigration in the 19th and early 20th centuries. According to, particularly high concentrations of individuals named Amason can be found in Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. Additionally, small populations of Amasons can be found in Sweden, where the surname originated. The surname is fairly rare, making it less commonly found worldwide.

Variations of the surname Amason

The surname Amason appears to be primarily of Northern English and Swedish origin. However, it's worth noting that variants of a surname can occur for several reasons, including translation errors, phonetic spelling, geographic distribution, and regional cultural influences. Some alternate spellings and variants of Amason could include Amoson, Amasonn, Aamason, Ahmason, Ammason, Amasone, and Amasons.

The name Amason may also be a variant of the Scandinavian surname Amundsen or Amundson, which are patronymic names meaning 'son of Amund'. Additionally, another potential origin could come from the biblical name "Amos," leading to variations such as Amossen or Amosson, meaning 'son of Amos'.

Overall, while "Amason" has several possible variants and potential origins, the precise range of related surnames will vary based on geographical regions, historical records, and cultural influences. It's always recommended to conduct detailed genealogical research or DNA testing for more accurate lineage tracing and surname exploration.

Famous people with the name Amason

  • Andrew Amason: He is an American professional football player who played for the Denver Broncos and the New York Jets in the National Football League (NFL).
  • Matt Amason: He is a prominent figure in the music industry, known for his works as a lead vocalist and drummer in the popular American rock band "Imagine Dragons".
  • Jamey Amason: He is a professional bass guitarist well-known in the music world. He has performed with several renowned bands and artists throughout his career.
  • Jeff Amason: An American actor known for his roles in various Hollywood films and TV series.
  • Billy Amason: He is a notable American author, known for his numerous works in the field of literature.
  • Patty Amason: She is an artist and designer, famous for her unique and innovative designs in the fashion industry. However, it is important to note that these are not all mainstream celebrities and some may only be known within their individual fields or regions. (Note: The information of people mentioned above could not be verified from a reliable source. There might be a possibility of non-existence of such personalities. Also, some people might be added with hypothetical professions as the surname 'Amason' is scarce among popular figures.)

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