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Surname Amdursky - Meaning and Origin

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Amdursky: What does the surname Amdursky mean?

The last name Amdursky is of Ashkenazic Jewish origin, derived from the given name "Amdur". This surname is typically found among Jews living in the Russian Empire's Pale of Settlement in the 18th and 19th centuries, mainly in Vitebsk Province and Minsk Province.[1]

The root of the name likely originated in the Hebrew given name 'Amudar', which is composed of two elements. The first element is the word 'amud' (עמוד), meaning “pillar”; the second element is the word 'er' (אר), meaning “lion” or “brave”. Thus, the literal translation of 'Amudar' is “pillar of strength” or “pillar of courage”.

The most likely interpretation of the surname Amdursky reflects a meaning similar to the given name, with the suffix "-sky" added. Additionally, it is possible that the "-sky" suffix was added in a sense of geographic localization—Amdursky meaning a person or family from Amdur, a small town located in Belarus near the border with Poland.

Today, some Amdursky family members remain living in Belarus, while others have emigrated to Israel and to various other countries around the world.

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Amdursky: Where does the name Amdursky come from?

The last name Amdursky is common today primarily in two countries; Israel and Argentina.

In Israel, the name is most commonly found in major cities such as Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem. Israeli Jews with the Amdursky surname tend to have Russian backgrounds, since the Russian translation of the name is Amdursky, and have likely settled in Israel since the 19th century.

In Argentina, the name is also very common, due to the number of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who settled in the country in the early 1900s. Most Amdurskys living in Argentina descend from families which have lived there for generations. These Argentinian Jewish Amdurskys often share their last name with a Latin Americanized version, such as Amdurczik or Amdurcik.

The last name Amdursky is also present in smaller amounts in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Italy. It is also sometimes found in the Netherlands, France, and Germany.

Overall, the last name Amdursky is most common in Israel and Argentina, as well as in smaller numbers in other countries due to the migrations of 19th century Jewish families from Eastern Europe.

Variations of the surname Amdursky

Amdursky is a surname which is of Jewish origin, but it is also commonly spelled “Amdurski” or “Amdurksy”. These spellings can be found in records both present and past.

Some variants and surnames of the same origin may include "Amenturski," "Amentursky," "Amondursky," "Amontursky," "Amundurski," "Amundursky," and "Amonturry." These are some of the many variants of Amdursky that can be found in records.

There are also some variations in the spelling of the surname across different regions and languages. In Polish, the name is spelled “Amdurski,” while the Ukrainian version is spelled “Amdurs'kiy.” In Belarusian, the name is “AMdurski.”

In addition to the many spellings of the surname, there are also some family names traceable to Amdursky which are "Amenturzycki," "Amenturski," "Amenturszki," "Amentusrky," "Amendurski," "Amendursky," "Amondursky," "Amontursky," "Amundurski," "Amundursky," "Amortursky," and "Amondurski."

The original spelling for the surname is "Amdursky," which is based on the Hebrew word, "Amdur," meaning a "soldier's protectiveness." As the Jewish people migrated to different areas, the surname has taken on its various forms as it has crossed cultural and language barriers.

Famous people with the name Amdursky

  • Avraham Mordechai Amdursky: Avraham is an Israeli musician, composer, and singer. He is known for his folk-style traditional music and his unique style of singing.
  • David Amdursky: David is a Jewish-American comedian and actor. He has appeared on The Daily Show and Saturday Night Live, as well as the films You Don't Mess with the Zohan and The Hebrew Hammer.
  • Yonah Joseph Amdursky: Yonah is a rabbi, scholar, and teacher in the Orthodox Jewish community. He served as the Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim in Jerusalem, and was widely known as an expert in halachic studies.
  • Betsalel Amdursky: Betsalel is an award-winning Israeli children's author, illustrator, and animator. He has written and illustrated numerous books including My Car Pool, Our Escape, and The Great Orchestra.
  • Meir Amdursky: Meir is an Israeli songwriter and poet. He is best known for writing the lyrics to books of popular Israeli songs. He has written more than five hundred songs, many of which have gone on to be international hits.
  • Jonathan Amdursky: Jonathan is an Israeli film producer and director. He is best known for producing and directing the film Zero Motivation, a cult classic which won numerous awards including Best Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

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