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Surname Amero - Meaning and Origin

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Amero: What does the surname Amero mean?

The last name Amero is of Italian origin. It is thought to have derived from the Latin personal name “Americus” which was a variant of the name “Emmerus” and a derivative of the Latin word “emeritus” meaning “honorable".

The surname Amero could have been given to a man who was held in honorable or high esteem. In some cases, it may have been a nickname for a prosperous man, likely of Italian ancestry, as "amero" is Italian for wealthy.

It is likely that those with the Amero surname were people of strong, reliable character. Enduring the hardships of immigration to a new country, their families who have since flourished in the United States and other countries around the world can take pride in their hardworking legacy.

Today, the Amero name can be found in countries around the world. While some family members have stayed in Italy, many have established their American roots.

The people who carry the name Amero have a great heritage to be proud of. Its legacy of honor, respect, and hard work has allowed families of this surname to spread out throughout the world over the centuries and build successful lives.

Amero: Where does the name Amero come from?

The last name Amero is most commonly found in the United States, particularly in the east, including Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. It is also commonly found in Canada, especially in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

The origin of the Amero family is rooted in the wave of Irish and Italian immigrants who traveled to the United States and Canada during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The first recorded use of the Amero surname in North America was in 1844, when James Amero emigrated from Ireland to Massachusetts. By the turn of the century, Amero had become one of the more commonly found last names in New England.

Due to its connection to the Irish potato famine, the Amero surname is also common among the Irish diaspora scattered across the globe. In many cases, Irish immigrants traveled to far-flung locations such as Australia, South America, and the Caribbean, bringing the Amero name with them.

Today, the Amero surname continues to be found in the United States, Canada and beyond. In 2019, the Amero name still ranked as one of the 20,000 most commonly occurring last names in the United States. It is also a common in other parts of the world, particularly among Irish descendants.

Variations of the surname Amero

The surname Amero is sometimes spelled as Amerio, Amero and Amerro. These spellings are all derived from the Latin root 'Americano', which means 'of America'.

Variations and derivatives of the surname Amero include Amoroso, Amerajo, Amaya, and Amorini. Amero is also a common surname in Portugal, where it is spelled Amerão.

The surname Amero is also found in the countries of the former Soviet Union, particularly in the Ukraine and Russia where it may be written as Amerova, Amerinov or Amerimov.

In Italy, the surname Amero can also be found, and a common spelling is Amerini. This form can also be found in Brazil and in other Spanish-speaking countries.

In France and Spanish-speaking countries, it is commonly spelled as Ameri or Amery. In Germany, the Amero surname is often spelled as Amer or Emer.

In Ireland, the surname Amero is sometimes spelled Amerroe or Emeroe. In the United States, Amero is sometimes spelled as Ameer or Aimer.

Overall, there are many variations of the surname Amero that can be found around the world, though all of them are derived from the same Latin Amerigo root meaning 'of America'.

Famous people with the name Amero

  • Kalyn Amero: an American swimmer and Olympic medalist.
  • Antonio Amero: Cuban painter and illustrator.
  • Amo-Kumwenda Amero: professional Zambian tennis player.
  • David Amero: American football player.
  • Naomi Amero: American lawyer and judge.
  • Sakari Amero: Finnish footballer.
  • Alison Amero: American artist.
  • Jeff Amero: professional trainer.
  • Richard Amero: American architect and urban historian.
  • Steve Amero: American golf professional.

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