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Surname Amyot - Meaning and Origin

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Amyot: What does the surname Amyot mean?

The last name Amyot is an occupational name, derived from the Old French word 'ami', which means ‘friend’. This surname therefore indicates that the original bearer of the name was an affable or friendly person, someone who was well-loved by friends and family.

The Amyot surname is known throughout Europe, although its exact origin within the region is unknown. Some suggest that it is of French criminal origin, as the name was used for people who had been working as serfs or servants in Southern France before the 18th Century. Others suppose that it is of Spanish origin, as some variants of the name (namely Ámiat and Amío) are still found in various parts of Spain today.

There have been a number of notable bearers of the Amyot name, including the French diplomat and army officer Antoine Amyot (1759-1840), the French Revolutionary general Jean-Baptiste Amyot (1768-1845), and the Canadian educator Marie-Claire Amyot (1913-2002).

The Amyot surname is still found throughout Europe today, though it is comparatively rare compared to some other surnames of the same region and time. It is a meaningful surname that serves as a reminder of a person’s ancestral heritage and personal characteristics.

Amyot: Where does the name Amyot come from?

The last name Amyot is mainly found in Quebec, Canada today. It is a French surname dating back to the 17th century in France when it was borne by the noble families of Amyot de Cornouaille and Amyot de Mauroy.

The French spelling of Amyot is unique and does not appear in any other country as a last name. As a result, it is quite uncommon in other areas of the world, though some families have settled in the United States.

In Quebec, the Amyot surname is quite common. It can be found in a variety of documents including civil records, church records, newspapers, and more. Many of Quebec's early settlers had the Amyot surname, and have descendants living in the province to this day.

In addition to Quebec, the Amyot surname can be found in other parts of Canada, such as parts of Ontario and the Maritimes. It is also found in certain parts of the United States.

In terms of its prevalence today, the last name Amyot is still quite common in Quebec and a few other areas of Canada and the United States. It remains a link to a family's rich history and is a reminder of its French origins.

Variations of the surname Amyot

The surname Amyot has its origins in Old French. Variations on the surname can include Amiot, Amyette, Amiet, Amiette, Ami, Amirault, Amiotte, Amyette, Amioud, Amyoud, and others.

Most of the various spellings of the surname Amyot have in common the French suffix -ot which is a diminutive form meaning “little”, or “son of”. This was seen in names that had a patronymic meaning such as Amiot (son of Emi), Amyotte (son of Yotte, an old French name), etc.

The spelling Ami is found most commonly in French Canada and may be from the French Ami which can be translated as “Friend”.

The surname Amyot is believed to have derived from the Old French "amet," which was a nickname for a beloved friend or family member, though the precise etymology is impossible to trace. Ancient records may show different spellings of the surname, particularly those in other languages such as Latin, as well as variants such as Amyette, Amirault, and Amyoud, among others.

Unique versions of the name still found in France today are Amyaud, Amyoud, Amioud and Amaud, and the spelling Ami has become increasingly popular in French Canada.

Amyot is an uncommon surname, but it can still be found in various parts of the world. It can be found in the United States, France, Canada, and other parts of the world. Many spellings of this surname were once much more common than they are today, though they can still be found in some isolated regions.

Famous people with the name Amyot

  • Philippe Amyot, French politician
  • Claudiane Amyot, Canadian politician
  • Joseph Amyot, Canadian jurist
  • Delwaide Amyot, Belgian politician
  • Tilo Amyot, German entrepreneur
  • Dany Amyot, Canadian politician
  • Chantal Amyot, French entrepreneur
  • Pierre-Édouard Amyot, Canadian ice hockey player
  • André Amyot, Canadian politician
  • Ruth Amyot, Canadian nurse
  • Mathieu Amyot, Canadian businessman
  • Émilien Amyot, Canadian politician
  • Peter Michael Amyot, Canadian actor
  • Jean Amyot, Canadian bishop
  • Rémi Amyot, Quebec Canadian politician
  • Philippe A. Amyot, Canadian musician
  • Alexandre-Amédée-Prosper Amyot, French entomologist
  • Robert Amyot, Canadian politician
  • Sébastien Amyot, French screenwriter
  • Guillaume Amyot, French classical scholar
  • Liston imogene Amyot, Canadian politician
  • Paul Amyot, Canadian businessperson
  • Clément Amyot, Canadian Olympic athlete

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