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Surname Anderegg - Meaning and Origin

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N. Anderegg

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Anderegg: What does the surname Anderegg mean?

The last name Anderegg is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German term “anderegge”, which translates to "other corner". The root of the name is found in the old German word, “anden", meaning “other” and “erk” meaning “corner”. The name can be translated to “stranger at the other corner” or “dweller at the other corner”, implying that the first known bearer of this name likely lived on the edge of a settlement.

The surname Anderegg is found throughout Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the United States. The highest concentrations of this surname are found in areas of Switzerland and Germany.

The name Anderegg is closely related to the surnames Andereggen, Anderegey, Andri, Anthoni, and Enderle. This suggests that this surname may have evolved as a nickname, or an occupational name. It may also have been used as a name derived from an ancestor.

Overall, the surname Anderegg has an interesting story behind it, likely indicating someone who lived on the edges of society or of a settlement. Its variations and use in many different countries highlight its widespread use and the presence of the original bearer of this name in many countries during its history.

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Anderegg: Where does the name Anderegg come from?

The last name Anderegg is originally from Switzerland and is still common in this country today, where it is among the 200 most common surnames. It is especially prevalent in the German-speaking region of Switzerland, especially in the cantons of Zurich, Lucerne, Thurgau, and St. Gallen.

The name may have been derived from a Swiss German dialect word for hazelnut, and it was probably first used by someone who lived in an area where hazelnuts were grown. Other theories suggest that it may have originated as an occupational name for a tanner, or as a topographical or habitational name for someone who lived by an ander, which is a Swiss German word for riverbank.

The surname Anderegg is also common in Germany and Austria, although less so than in Switzerland. In these neighbouring countries, it may have been adopted by Swiss migrants who moved east in search of work.

In recent decades, the Anderegg surname has been found in other countries around the world, including North and South America, South Africa, and Australia. This could be attributed to the many Swiss emigrants who moved overseas during the 19th century in search of new opportunities.

Variations of the surname Anderegg

Anderegg is a German and Swiss surname which is most frequently found in the mountainous areas of Switzerland, Austria, and the surrounding countries. Variants of the name include Andereg, Anderegger, Anderegh, Andergh, Anderog, Anderogge, Anderugg, and Anderuyg. Each of these spellings tend to be used in a particular region or country.

Anderegg is derived from the Middle High German word "ander", meaning "other". The origin of the name most likely denotes a person who was distinguished by their difference or distinctiveness from others, such as an outsider or one who is different than the rest.

In the United States, the surname is an Americanized spelling of its original form which is found most commonly in the western part of the country, particularly in the states of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming.

In the Netherlands, the name is spelled Asderoglu, while in Germany it mostly takes on the variant form Anderer. The German variant is usually found in the Bavaria and Hessen regions in the south of the country.

In Austrian, the surname takes on the variants Andor, Andrich, and Andrissy.

In Switzerland, the most commonly used variants are Anderegger, Danderegger, Anderjohn, and Andringer.

There is also an Italian variation of the name, which is spelt Anderegio.

Other versions of the surname include Anderoi, Anderoga, Anderosy, Anderson, Andheah, Andhegg, Andtermeler, Andle, and Adrice.

It is fascinating to note that this one surname has so many regional variants, proving that its pedigree stretches across an array of countries and populations.

Famous people with the name Anderegg

  • Bill Anderegg: Bill Anderegg is a conservation biologist and an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah’s Department of Biology.
  • Christopher Anderegg: Christopher Anderegg is a Vice President at Merrill Bank in California.
  • Amy Anderegg: Amy Anderegg is an American composer and professor at Stanford University.
  • Lisa Anderegg: Lisa Anderegg is an American business executive who has served as President and CEO of the American Institute of CPAs.
  • Bobby Anderegg: Bobby Anderegg is an American stock car racing driver who has accumulated numerous wins in different divisions.
  • Alan Anderegg: Alan Anderegg is an American aviator and author who has written several books about his experiences in the Air Force.
  • Dave Anderegg: Dave Anderegg is an American computer consultant and entrepreneur who is the founder of the computer protection website VirusControl.
  • Jennifer Anderegg: Jennifer Anderegg is an actress who has been featured in several television shows and movies.
  • Jill Anderegg: Jill Anderegg is an American actress and model who has appeared in numerous television commercials.
  • Tom Anderegg: Tom Anderegg is an organic chemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

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