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Surname Anderfuhren - Meaning and Origin

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Anderfuhren: What does the surname Anderfuhren mean?

The surname Anderfuhren is of German origin and is a topographic name which literally means ‘someone from the anderfuhr’. Anderfuhr is derived from the German word ‘ander' which translates as ‘other’ or ‘else’ and ‘fuhren', an old German verb which identifies a place of crossing or fording a river. It is therefore assumed that this surname refers to someone who lived near a ford, either by working at a ferry service, on a ferry route, or by using the same route for trading.

The earliest recorded use of this surname dates back to the 16th century, when a family with the name Anderfuhren emerged in the region of Königsberg, Prussia (now Kaliningrad, Russia). Since then, the name has been used throughout Europe.

The name Anderfuhren is relatively uncommon, with fewer than 2,000 individuals in Germany bearing the name. Today, some descendants of the original Anderfuhren clan have emigrated to North America, where it is sometimes anglicized to the names Anderson or Andrewfuhr.

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Anderfuhren: Where does the name Anderfuhren come from?

The last name Anderfuhren is commonly found in Germany today. This is a German name, derived from German words meaning “above the furrow” due to the founders of the name having some type of connection with farming or arable activities. This type of name is often referred to as a 'locative' surname which took its cue from the geographical features of the region in which the person lived.

It is estimated that there are currently over 500 people in the world bearing the Anderfuhren surname. The vast majority of these individuals are located in Germany, but it is also found in Austria and other German-speaking countries. In fact, data shows that the name is clustered mainly in the German states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Lower Saxony.

Anderfuhren is a rare German surname and yet quite common in the areas mentioned above. It is derived from the Middle High German "ander" meaning “above” and "fuhren" meaning “furrow," alluding to a family that worked in the land in some capacity.

The name is likely to have originated sometime during the early inclusion of surname systems to the German language. Today it continues to be a popular choice among German families, with many choosing to spell it in several different variations, including Anderfuher, Anderfuger, and Anderfueren.

Variations of the surname Anderfuhren

The variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Anderfuhren are Andrefuren, Andrefurren, and Andrefurrhen.

The surname “Anderfuhren” is German in origin, and is thought to be derived from the Old German word “fuhren” which means “to lead.”

The last name Anderfuhren could have originally been an occupational name or surname given to workers who were employed in lead-mining, such as miners, smelters, and transportation workers.

The other versions of the surname are likely derived from either different dialects or variations of the same German spelling.

Andrefuren could have the most direct relationship with the original Anderfuhren surname as the variation of fuhren is the most closely related to the original spelling and meaning.

Andrefurren may have derived from a more phonetic spelling variant, and Andrefurrhen is likely another version of the original name, just spelled phonetically.

Though the variations of the last name Anderfuhren may appear to be different, all of them are essentially rooted in the same origin, meaning, and spelling.

Famous people with the name Anderfuhren

  • Hans-Ulrich Anderfuhren, German former professional football goalkeeper
  • Aline Anderfuhren, Swiss figure skater
  • Berthold Anderfuhren, German former professional football goalkeeper
  • Eugen Anderfuhren, Swiss evangelist
  • Heinrich Anderfuhren, Swiss politician
  • Joerg Anderfuhren, German professional football player
  • Lorenz Anderfuhren, Swiss politician
  • Willi Anderfuhren, Swiss painter
  • Ursula Anderfuhren, Swiss writer
  • Henry Anderfuhren, Swiss ice hockey player

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