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Surname Anderßen - Meaning and Origin

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Anderßen: What does the surname Anderßen mean?

The last name Anderßen is derived from a patronymic surname with German and Scandinavian roots. A patronymic surname is derived from the father's name, and Anderßen literally translates to mean "son of Anders".

The given name Anders is derived from an old Norse name, meaning Brave or Strong Man. As a result, individuals who carried the Anderßen surname would often be identified as coming from a lineage of strong men, or of high social standing.

Given its Nordic and Germanic origins, Anderßen has been particularly common in Northern and Northwestern Europe, particularly in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. As a result, the surname is today relatively widespread, and individuals who carry the surname are often found in areas that have a long history of hosting immigrants from these regions.

The Anderßen surname is also known to be amplified as Andersen and Anderson. This is a result of migration and expansions of families, as well as spelling and pronunciation changes that often occurred due to language barriers.

Today, the Anderßen surname is not limited to just Northern and Northwestern Europe, and is instead a very common surname in other regions, due to emigration and immigration. Most individuals who bear the Anderßen surname are descended from families who have had long-standing ties to the regions in which they had originated.

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Anderßen: Where does the name Anderßen come from?

The last name Anderßen is most commonly found in Northern and Central Europe, primarily Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Sweden. This surname is derived from a Scandinavian given name, with the suffix “-ssen” becoming the last name.

In Denmark, the last name is very common, with the first recorded use dating back to 1646. It is still frequently used today and is the second most popular name in the country.

In Germany, “Anderßen” is not quite as common as it is in Denmark, but it is still fairly widespread, particularly around the northern regions. The first recorded occurrence of the name was in 1573.

The Netherlands has the third highest frequency of Anderßen’s, with the earliest known mention on record dating back to 1651.

In Belgium, Anderßen is found primarily in Flanders, which is the northern and Dutch-speaking part of the country.

Luxembourg has the least number of individuals that carry this last name, though it is considered relatively common compared to other last names in the country.

In Sweden, Anderßen is among the top .1% of the most common surnames. The first recorded use of this name in Sweden was in 1699.

Overall, the last name Anderßen is most common in Northern and Central Europe, with Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Sweden being the countries where it is found most frequently.

Variations of the surname Anderßen

The surname Anderßen has different variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. One spelling variant of Anderßen is Andersson, which is the Swedish spelling of the name. It is also the spelling used in Denmark and Finland. In Norway, the name is usually spelled as Andersen. Another variant of the name is Anderson, which is an English spelling. It is also a common Scottish surname.

The surname can also take a variety of variations. Some of these include Anderton, Andren, Ander, Anders, Andrus, Anderssen, Andruss, Anderssonn, Anderssen, Andris, Andressen, Anderssons, Anderse, Andersens, Anderegg, Andriessen, Andersegg and Anderetti.

The surname is derived from the Latin name Andreas, and it means "manly" or "strong". This name is also the Greek form of the Hebrew name אנדר (Ander). The origin of the surname dates back to the 1400s and 1500s.

In some parts of Germany, the surname is written as Anderßen, which is a spelling typically used in the south. It is associated with the city of Saarbrücken, which is in the Saarland region.

Variants of the family name, such as Anderös and Anderseck, have also been noted. Anderseck is an Austrian variation of the original German surname Anderßen, which has a more common spelling of Anderssen.

In summary, the surname Anderßen has many variations, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. These variations stem from either English, Scottish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian or German influences. Variations of the surname typically change depending on the geographical location where it is used.

Famous people with the name Anderßen

  • Anders Anderßen, Norwegian cross-country skier.
  • Astrid Anderßen, Swedish fashion designer and photographer.
  • Zak Anderßen, Swedish football manager.
  • Carl Anderßen, Norwegian alpine skier.
  • Karl André Anderßen, Norwegian jazz musician and composer.
  • Arne Anderßen, Norwegian jazz guitarist and vocalist.
  • Nicolai Anderßen, Danish sprint and middle distance runner.
  • Sigvard Anderßen, Swedish film director and producer.
  • Christina Anderßen, Danish multi-discipline athlete.
  • Leif Anderßen, Swedish footballer.
  • Kjell Anderßen, Swedish ice hockey player.
  • Kristine Anderßen, Norwegian singer and actress.
  • Viggo Anderßen, Danish wrestler and mixed martial artist.
  • Svein Anderßen, Norwegian skier and biathlete.
  • Jørgen Anderßen, Norwegian linguist and writer.
  • Alexander Anderßen, Danish actor and filmmaker.
  • Mathilde Anderßen, Danish singer and songwriter.
  • Odd Anderßen, Norwegian professional golfer.
  • Paul Anderßen, Norwegian mountain bike racer.
  • Sten Anderßen, Swedish orienteering competitor.

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