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Surname Andor - Meaning and Origin

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Andor: What does the surname Andor mean?

The surname Andor is believed to be derived from the Medieval Hungarian personal name "Andor," which has Germanic roots. The first known bearer of the name, Andrias of Hungary, lived in the 11th century.

The meaning of Andor is “man” or “warrior,” and the origin of the name is found in two separate words: “and” meaning “man” and “or” meaning “warrior.” The suffix “-or” was added to the end of the word “and” to make it a surname. The name could also have originated from the Hungarian word “andor,” meaning “God's lion.” This would make the name mean “God's lion warrior.”

Physiological traits such as intelligence, creativity and emotional strength are often associated with people bearing the surname Andor. People with this name often have strong personalities and are known for their loyalty. Andors also have a strong sense of justice and protect the oppressed. They can be very headstrong and stubborn at times, but are also committed to doing what is right.

The Andor surname has a long, rich history and continues to be found among people of many different backgrounds throughout Europe. This surname is most commonly associated with Hungary but is also common in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania.

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Andor: Where does the name Andor come from?

The last name Andor is most commonly found in eastern and central European countries today. It is one of the more common last names in Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, and elsewhere in the region. In Hungary, it is estimated that as many as 11,000 people carry the Andor name. The name is also not uncommon in the Czech Republic and Austria, another region with strong cultural and historical ties to Hungary.

In terms of where Andors are found outside of Europe, there is a large presence of the name in the United States. Immigration of refugees and workers from Eastern Bloc countries in the mid to late 20th century brought Andors to North America. The US Census Bureau estimates that over 25,000 Andors live in the United States and Canada today.

It is also possible to find Andors in other countries, especially in countries with a large presence of Eastern Europeans. Israel, Canada, Australia, and India are all countries that have significant numbers of people with the Andor last name. While the numbers may not be large, they are spread widely throughout the world, a testament to the global impact and significance of the Andor name.

Variations of the surname Andor

Andor is a surname originating from Hungary. It is quite rare and its frequency of occurrence is extremely low, at 0.00012%. It is also found in some parts of Romania. Andor comes from the Hungarian word ‘and’ meaning ‘son’, which implies that the surname is of patronymic origin.

The various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Andor include:

Andoricz, Enders, Endrei, Endrej, Endres, Endreš, Endrey, Endri, Endriu, Endroi, Endrs, Entrei, Entrej, Entrey, Androish, Andrócz, Androich, and Andreich.

Although the variants of Andor and related surnames vary greatly according to region, they all stem from the same root name. The variations could have occurred due to regional dialects or through mispronunciation or even misspelling by immigration officers at Ellis Island.

It can be seen from the above that the surname Andor has seen many variations over time. Nevertheless, its origin can be easily identified and the common factor between the various variants are that it is derived from the patronymic ‘and’, meaning ‘son’ in Hungarian.

Famous people with the name Andor

  • Anna Ador, Polish Singer
  • Ferenc Andor, Hungarian Politician
  • Veera Andor, Finnish Politician
  • Renato Andor, Uruguay Footballer
  • Zoltán Andor, Hungarian Politician
  • Carl Gustav Andor, Swedish Military Officer
  • Giuseppe Andor, Italian Politician
  • Radu Andor, Romanian Politician
  • Zoltán Andor, Hungarian Minister
  • Giorgio Andor, Italian Politician
  • Domokos Andor, Hungarian Mathematcician
  • František Andor, Slovak Politician 13.Csilla Andor, Hungarian Politician
  • Winston Andor, Jamaican Entrepreneur
  • Edit Andor, Hungarian Social Worker
  • Laszlo Andor, Hungarian Politician 17.Máté Andor, Hungarian Musician 18.Tibor Andor, Hungarian Physicist 19.Katharina Andor, Austrian Actress 20.Sandra Andor, Swedish Politician

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