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Surname Andriesen - Meaning and Origin

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Andriesen: What does the surname Andriesen mean?

The surname Andriesen is of Dutch origin and is a patronymic name. This means it is derived from the personal name of a male ancestor, in this case, "Andries," a Dutch variant of Andrew. In Dutch, "-sen" or "-son" is often added to a name to indicate "son of," thus Andriesen translates to "son of Andries" or "son of Andrew." Patronyms were common in the Netherlands until 1811 when the French, who had annexed the country, required the adoption of hereditary surnames. Andrew is a name of Greek origin, meaning "manly" or "brave." Therefore indirectly, Andriesen could carry these connotations as well. Like most surnames, specific meanings can vary based on familial history and lineage.

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Andriesen: Where does the name Andriesen come from?

The surname Andriesen is of Dutch origin. It is derived from the personal name "Andries," which is the Dutch form of Andrew, a Greek name meaning 'man' or 'manly'. The "sen" ending is a patronymic indicator, suggesting "son of Andries". Thus, Andriesen can be translated as "son of Andrew". It is common to encounter variations in the spelling of the name due to historical documentations and dialect differences; examples include Andriessen, Andriese, Andreasen, and similar.

Today, while the surname can be found in diverse countries owing to migration, it remains most common in the Netherlands, reflecting its Dutch origins. You may also find some people with the Andriesen surname in countries like the United States, South Africa and perhaps Australia, countries that have historically seen significant Dutch emigration. Considering global distribution, however, it remains a fairly uncommon surname.

Famous people with the name Andriesen

  • Jan Andriesen: Professional Legal Researcher
  • Pieter Andriesen: Dutch Financial Services Executive
  • Elske Andriesen: Canadian Radio News Presenter
  • Dennis Andriesen: Dutch Politician
  • Hans Andriesen: Dutch Soccer Player
  • Steven Andriesen: Dutch Lawyer
  • Jack Andriesen: American Entrepreneur
  • Peter Andriesen: Dutch Businessman
  • Jeroen Andriesen: Dutch Businessman
  • Maarten Andriesen: Dutch Film Director
  • Geertje Andriesen: Dutch Actress
  • Bart Andriesen: Dutch Banker
  • Thomas Andriesen: Dutch Media Executive
  • Ronny Andriesen: Dutch Painter
  • Malcom Andriesen: Canadian Actor
  • Phina Andriesen: Dutch Singer
  • Mark Andriesen: Dutch Film Producer
  • Denise Andriesen: Dutch Freelance Writer
  • Marius Andriesen: Dutch Entomologist
  • Jan Willem Andriesen: Dutch Politician

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