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Surname Anema - Meaning and Origin

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Anema: What does the surname Anema mean?

The last name Anema is of Dutch origin and is derived from the Dutch word "Anemoon", which means "anemone". Anemones are flowering plants that have bold and beautiful colors, which makes them popular additions to many gardens in the Netherlands. As a surname, Anema is classically a patronymic name, meaning that it was originally created by adding the suffix "-ma" to the father's given name.

Anemones have several different symbolic meanings, such as passion, anticipation, and fragility. This symbolism commonly translates to people with the last name Anema, who tend to be passionate, creative, and ambitious. They often strive for success while being gentle and sensitive at the same time.

Anema is a popular surname in the Netherlands and is still commonly found today. It is also found occasionally in Belgium, the United States, and other countries with Dutch heritage.

People with the Anema surname tend to be down-to-earth, genuine, and hospitable. They often forge strong relationships with their loved ones and are often passionate about life and their pursuits. They tend to have a deep appreciation for nature, thanks to their Dutch roots, and may embody their namesake in more than one way.

Anema: Where does the name Anema come from?

The last name Anema is most commonly found in the Netherlands. As of 2019, Anema is the 7th most common surname in the country, with 11,742 people having the name. It is also found in the United States, Canada, and other countries with large Dutch diaspora populations.

The origin of the Anema surname is uncertain, but it's thought to be derived from the personal name Ama or Anema, possibly of Frisian origin. The name was well-known in the area of West Frisia, where it can be found as early as the 1300s. The oldest genealogical record of the Anema surname is dated 1620, in the town of Workum, Friesland.

The surname is most common in the northern provinces of the Netherlands, including North Holland, Friesland, and Groningen. Interestingly, Anema is not native to these provinces, suggesting that the family moved and spread around the country over the years.

Anema is an uncommon surname outside the Netherlands, and is particularly rare in English-speaking countries. To find family members with the name, you might consider searching Dutch genealogy websites or connecting with people of Dutch heritage in your own country.

Variations of the surname Anema

The surname Anema is a Dutch personal name derived from the elements 'an' meaning gift, grace, or favor, and 'am' meaning anuncle or a grand-uncle. This name can be used as both a given name and a surname, and is most prevalent in North America. Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin include Anemma, Anema, Anemaa, Annema, Anemm, Anempa, Anamma, and Anema.

The Americanized forms of Anema are Amen, Ammon, and Amon. Aemmo and Aimo are other variants, as is Aimo Maari or Aemo Maari in Finnish. Variants of the name in Dutch include Aenema, Anemaat, Anemar, Anemere, Anemo, Anemor, Anemoser, and Anemost. The Swedish spellings are Anemo and Anemoi, as well as Anemos and Anemo.

Other related surnames are the German Anemueller, Anemüller, and Annemueller, as well as the Danish Anemann. In Czech, the variant appears as Anemar. The Italian version of Anema is Annema, Anemaie, Anemari, and Anemore.

The Anema surname can also be found in England, though mainly in the Welsh surnames of Anemanydd and Anemoe. In American records, this surname has also been spelled anam and anem.

In sum, the variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin as Anema are numerous. They include Anemma, Anema, Anemaa, Annema, Anemm, Anempa, Anamma, Amon, Aemmo, Aimo, Aimo Maari, Aemo Maari, Aenema, Anemaat, Anemar, Anemere, Anemo, Anemor, Anemoser, Anemost, Anemueller, Anemüller, Annemueller, Anemann, Anemar, Annema, Anemaie, Anemari, and Anemore.

Famous people with the name Anema

  • Jeff Anema: American college basketball coach.
  • Igia Anema: Indonesian director, actor, and rapper.
  • Henk Anema: Dutch football manager.
  • Herman Anema: Dutch politician and diplomat.
  • Tüske Anema: Hungarian Christian TV presenter.
  • Erco Anema: Dutch saxophonist and clarinetist.
  • Aat Anema: Dutch singer-songwriter.
  • Anneke Anema: Dutch singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist.
  • Mirjam Anema: Dutch actress and comedian.
  • Alex Anema: Dutch businessman and entrepreneur.
  • Jan Willem Anema: Dutch studio designer and photographer.
  • Joop Anema: Dutch bass clarinetist and saxophonist.
  • Jelmer Anema: Dutch sprinter.
  • Han Anema: Dutch media artist and film maker.
  • Rim Anema: Dutch model, singer, and entrepreneur.

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