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Surname Angus - Meaning and Origin

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Angus: What does the surname Angus mean?

The last name Angus is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Gaelic personal name Aonghas, which is composed of 'aon', meaning 'one', and 'ghais', meaning 'choice'. Thus, it is often interpreted as signifying 'one choice'. It is also associated with the Celtic god Aonghus, who is the god of love, beauty and youth in Irish mythology. This surname has a long history in Scotland, especially in the regions of Angus and the Isle of Lewis. A popular variant of the name includes 'MacAngus', meaning 'son of Angus'. Many Scottish clans claim descent from historical figures named Angus.

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Angus: Where does the name Angus come from?

The surname Angus has Scottish origins. It is derived from the region of Angus in the eastern part of Scotland, also known as Forfarshire. The name Angus itself is said to mean "one strength" or "unique choice" in Gaelic. Historically, it was used predominantly by the Pictish people, one of the ancient tribes of Scotland.

As for its geographical distribution today, Angus is still relatively common in Scotland. According to surname distribution data, it has the highest concentration in Shetland Islands, followed closely by Angus and Aberdeenshire, reflecting its regional roots. The surname can also be found among descendants of Scots in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Angus

The surname Angus has numerous variations, some of which are influenced by regional dialects, scribes' interpretation, or even the phonetic spelling of the name. Variations of Angus include Anguss, Anguish, Anguis, Angoose, Angurs, Anguish, Anguiss, and Anguise.

Furthermore, there's a related name 'MacAngus', which signifies 'son of Angus.' Variants of MacAngus can be MacInnes, MacAnguish, McAngus, McGonigal, and MacGonagle. In some cases, the prefix 'Mac' or 'Mc' might be dropped, leading to additional spellings like Innes or Gonigal. Other spellings include Óengus, Óengusa, and Aonghus, especially in Irish historical contexts.

Additionally, Angus is derived from the Gaelic personal name 'Aonghus', meaning ‘one’, or ‘choice’, and ‘gus’, meaning ‘strength’, 'vigor' or 'force'. This name was popular in Ireland and Scotland during the Middle Ages, leading to the adoption of 'Angus' and its variants as a surname. Consequently, any spelling variations of 'Aonghus' could potentially be connected to 'Angus' as well.

Please note that due to the complexities of surname origins, regional differences, and changes over time, these connections might not always be straightforward or universally accepted.

Famous people with the name Angus

  • Angus Young: The Scottish-Australian guitarist, songwriter, and leader of the rock band AC/DC.
  • Angus T. Jones: American actor best known for his role as Jake Harper in Two and a Half Men.
  • Angus Monfries: former Australian rules footballer with the Port Adelaide Football Club.
  • Angus Deaton: British-American economist and professor at Princeton University who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2015.
  • Angus King: American politician and current junior United States Senator from Maine.
  • Angus McLennan: British actor, writer and executive producer for two series he created; Miranda and Lovesick.
  • Angus Ogilvy: British businessman and the husband of Princess Alexandra of Kent.
  • Angus Bernie: Scottish-New Zealand actor, writer, director, and producer of film and television.
  • Angus McPhail: Scottish actor who has appeared in two Quacks movies and numerous television series.
  • Angus Buchan: South African evangelist who has written several books about Christianity.

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