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Surname Antone - Meaning and Origin

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Antone: What does the surname Antone mean?

The surname Antone is believed to be of Greek origin. It is derived from the personal name Antonius, which was a Roman family name meaning praiseworthy or priceless. Over time, Antonius evolved into various forms such as Antonio in Italian, Anton in Russian and German, Antoine in French, and Anthonis or Antoon in Dutch. Antone is the English version of these names. So, the surname Antone could generally mean 'descendant of Anthony'. It was a practice to give surnames based on the father's name, trade, or place of residence. As with many surnames, the exact origin can be hard to pin down due to variations and changes over centuries and various migration patterns.

Antone: Where does the name Antone come from?

The surname Antone is derived from the personal name Antonius, which has Latin origins. Known variations of the name Antonius include Anthony in English or Antonio in Italian and Spanish cultures. Antone is considered a patronymic surname as it is derived from the name of a male ancestor, it typically means "son of Antonius."

It is a relatively uncommon surname. As per the available databases and records, it's more common in the United States compared to other countries. However, it's worth noting that it's not limited to a specific region within the United States. With increased globalization, the distribution of the name can be found in various regions abroad as well. This surname might also be found in Portugal due to similar linguistic roots, although it may not be very common.

Variations of the surname Antone

The surname Antone is believed to be of Italian origin and it's a variant of 'Antonio.' This surname has various spellings and variants, influenced by cultural adaptation and geographic dispersion. Some common variants and associated surnames include:

Antoni, Antono, Antoni, Anton, Antony, Antonio, Antons, Anthonies, Antonson, Antonelli, Antonetti, Antonucci, Antonino, Antonioli, Antonelli, Antonescu, Antonowitz, Antonakos, Antoniadis, and Antonova.

Spellings can sometimes be Americanized or Anglicized, leading to adaptations such as Anthony, Thone, Antonio, Anthon, Anthoni, and Athony. Some surnames might also incorporate a prefix or suffix, denoting "son of" or "little", such as Antonson (Scandinavian) or Antonello (Southern Italian).

These surname variations are spread across various countries, reflecting rich cultural and regional diversities. For instance, Anton is common in Germany, Antony in England, Antoine in France, Antonelli in Italy, and Antonov in Russia. It's important to note that although these surnames may appear similar or related, their origins may not necessarily be from the exact same root or lineage.

Famous people with the name Antone

  • Cooper Antone: Teenager who made a difference at the United Nations
  • Shari Antone: Singer-songwriter and record producer
  • Paul Antone: former member of the National Football League
  • Megan Antone: Executive Director at the International Task Force on Women's Health
  • Alicia Antone: Professional wrestler
  • Joe Antone: 5-time Pro-Bowler and 9-time All-Pro award winner
  • Michael Antone: Dominican Republic-born Major League Baseball player
  • Steve Antone: Actor and musician
  • Tom Antone: Producer and actor
  • Carlos Antone: President of Antone Productions
  • Bill Antone: Keyboardist and producer
  • Al Antone: Former president and co-founder of Manatus Technologies
  • Kay Antone: former Miss American Teen
  • Nicholas Antone: British composer
  • Sandra Antone: Brazilian TV presenter
  • Felipe Antone: Mexican composer and conductor
  • Jennifer Antone: Playboy Cyber Girl and model
  • Laure Antone: Freelance fashion stylist
  • Sonia Antone: Model and former Miss India

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