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Surname Appelby - Meaning and Origin

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Appelby: What does the surname Appelby mean?

The last name Appelby is of Old Norse origin, derived from the place name "Appelby," a town located in Lincolnshire and Westmorland in England. It can be broken down into two Old Norse words, "Apall," which means apple, and "by," which means farm or settlement. Thus, the name Appelby can be interpreted to mean "apple farm" or "settlement where apples are grown." This indicates that the ancestors of people with this name likely lived in or near such a place. During the Middle Ages, it was common for people to be identified by the name of the place they came from, which is how many surnames originated. The spelling of the name can vary, with variants including Appleby and Appelbie. Dr. John Appelby, a professor of history, and Lynn Appelby, a celebrated artist, are notable individuals with this surname.

Appelby: Where does the name Appelby come from?

The surname Appelby is of English origin and is geographically derived from multiple locations called Appleby in England including North Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Westmorland, and others. The name Appleby itself is derived from Old Norse 'apaldr', which means apple and 'by', a town or farm. Therefore, it was used to designate people living by the apple farm.

The surname Appelby, while still found throughout England, has spread throughout the English-speaking world, and is notably present in the United States, Canada, and Australia. It is less common compared to other English surnames. Variations of the spelling include Appleby, Apleby and others. Despite its geographical dispersion, it is not commonly encountered and is considered a relatively rare surname. Famous people with this name include actress Shiri Appleby and English cricketer Jonathon Appelby.

Variations of the surname Appelby

The surname Appelby can be found in different variants and spellings due to its Anglo-Saxon origins. It was derived from a place name, meaning "apple village" in Norse. The spelling variations are often a result of phonetic spelling in the Middle Ages, as well as how the name was translated between languages over centuries. Some examples include:

1. Appleby: The most common spelling of the surname. It is frequently used in England. There are towns called Appleby in Lincolnshire and Leicestershire in England.

2. Appelby: A less common spelling, but shares the same Norse origins.

3. Apleby: Another variation, found in some early English records.

4. Applebee: A phonetic variation of the surname found primarily in the US.

5. Apelbie: An old English form of the surname.

6. Apelby: A variant spelling found occasionally in England.

7. Aplin: A possible contracted version of the surname.

8. Apelbe: An early version seen in some records.

All the different spellings, despite their variations, share the same core origin associated with a geographic location. Please note that individual families may have adopted different spellings over time, driven by many factors including immigration and transliteration into other languages.

Famous people with the name Appelby

  • Shiri Appleby: An American actress best known for her roles in the TV series "Roswell" and "UnREAL".
  • Stuart Appleby: A professional golfer from Australia who has won multiple events on the PGA tour.
  • Charlie Appleby: A British horse trainer who has had significant success in the UK and internationally.
  • Lauren Ambrose (born Lauren Anne Appleby): An American actress and singer known for her television roles in "Six Feet Under" and "Torchwood".
  • Richard Appleby: A former professional basketball player from the United States who played in the NBA during the 1970s.
  • Lee Appleby: A British professional boxer who competed in the light-welterweight division.
  • Megan Appleby: A respected American contemporary artist known for her still life and landscape paintings.
  • Chris Appleby: An Australian Anglican bishop who served as the Bishop of the Marmingatha Episcopate in the Diocese of Melbourne.
  • Philip Appleby: A former cricketer from England who played in the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Kerrie Taylor (nee Appleby): An English actress known for her roles in British soap operas including "Hollyoaks" and "Heartbeat".

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