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Surname Applegarth - Meaning and Origin

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Applegarth: What does the surname Applegarth mean?

Applegarth is a surname of English origin with multiple potential meanings.

One interpretation is that it is a toponymic surname derived from Appleby, a town in England. The name was likely of Scandinavian origin and derived from the elements 'apli' which meant an apple tree, and 'byr', which meant a farm or settlement. Over time, the name was adopted by English families establishing a connection.

A second possibility is that Applegarth is an habitational surname. This could have come about through a family who had migrated from Appleby to some other granted property, known as an applegarth. An applegarth was an area of land suitable for a tenant farmer, usually one acre or larger.

The third interpretation is that the name is derived from an Old English phrase, apuldre garth, which meant "apple garden." This would had made it possible for families to have some control over their own productive area where they could grow their own apples.

Whichever way Applegarth was derived, it is an interesting surname with various meanings behind it. It could suggest a heritage that was both rural and agricultural, having stemmed from a payment of land.

Applegarth: Where does the name Applegarth come from?

The Applegarth surname is most commonly found in the United Kingdom. It originated in the north and west of Scotland in the areas of Strathclyde, Borders and West Lothian. It is a fairly rare surname, but it can also be found in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United States, and other English-speaking countries. The name is derived from Old English and can be translated to mean 'apple orchard'.

The Applegarth family can trace their ancestry back to Robert de Applegarth, a Scottish sheriff who can be found in records from the thirteenth century. The Applegarth family was made up of many members who held significant positions of power and authority throughout Scotland's history. These positions included Sheriff of Stirlingshire and other important judicial and military positions.

The Applegarth name can still be seen in many places today. For example, the Applegarth Café in Essex, England is still run by a descendant of the original Applegarth family. Furthermore, Applegarth Street in Eklwood, Scotland is home to the Applegarth House, a property built in the eighteenth century by a direct descendant of Robert de Applegarth.

Even though the Applegarth family's influence and history is still visible in the United Kingdom and the world today, the Applegarth surname is still a rare one.

Variations of the surname Applegarth

The surname Applegarth has a range of various spelling variants. The most common variant of the surname is Applegarth, with other spellings such as Applegarth, Appelgarth, Appelgart, Appelgarten and Appletart. Depending on geographical region, the name may be spelt differently. Additionally, married women may take their husband's surname after marriage, leading to surnames such as Applegarth-downs, Appegarth-brown and Appletart-smith.

The surname Applegarth can also have different versions based on the country of origin. Those from Scotland may spell it Applegread, while Appelgere and Appelgrae are other variants. Other variations stem from Scotland in the form of Applegrieth, Applegreith, Applegreive and Applegreyth. English variants include Appelgerth, Appelgergh, Applegerth, and Applegergh.

The surname Applegarth can also be derived from other languages and varied based on dialect/pronunciation. For instance, in German the phonetic pronunciation of Applegarth can become Apfelgart amongst other variations such as Apporeggart and Appelgart.

Variations of the surname Applegarth can also result from history and subsequent migration of people. Citizens of Germany that moved to the US may have adopted America's spelling of Applegarth, whereas some who ventured to France may have adopted the French spelling of Appégarthe. It is possible to trace the variations of the surname back to its point of origin.

In summary, the surname Applegarth can vary due to geography, language, phonetics and history, leading to surnames such as Apfelgart, Appelgerth, Appegarth-brown and Appégarthe.

Famous people with the name Applegarth

  • Joey Applegarth: British actor, known for his roles in the films Cyberbully and Shallow Strength.
  • Mrs. Applegarth: character from the British TV series The Inbetweeners who is portrayed by celebrity guest star Lindsay Duncan.
  • Bob Applegarth: American radio personality, comedian, and voice actor.
  • Fred Applegarth: professional skier and stuntman, competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • Zara Applegarth: contestant on The Voice UK in 2014.
  • Mordecai Applegarth: British actor, played the protagonist in the BBC sitcom Uncle. 7.Lance Applegarth: actor, played a minor role in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
  • Kelly Applegarth: English actress, best known for her role as Lady Sybil Crawley in the ITV drama Downton Abbey.
  • Lynn Applegarth: English model and actress, starred in TV commercials for M&S, Virgin Media, and Boots.
  • Richard Applegarth: British actor and film director, starred in the thriller film Neuromancer.

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