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Surname Apter - Meaning and Origin

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Apter: What does the surname Apter mean?

The last name Apter is an occupational surname of Hebrew origin, meaning 'one who binds books.' It is believed to have derived from the Hebrew word aptar, meaning 'to bind, to close.'

This surname may refer to a profession, such as a bookbinder, or to someone who is well-read and learned. For those with the Apter surname, the name likely comes from the binders who would sew and affix protective covers to manuscripts in Jewish culture during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Today, those with the last name Apter are a diverse group. While the original name-bearers likely lived in areas such as Central or Eastern Europe, today the name exists across many countries and is found in the United Kingdom, the United States, and even Israel.

Many Apters still believe in the values associated with their surname, embracing knowledge and education. Examples of such values can be seen in the philanthropy of the Apter family, the Battee Apter Foundation—established to help empower Israeli women—being a prime example. In this way, the Apter name carries not only generational pride but also the commitment to improve society with knowledge.

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Apter: Where does the name Apter come from?

The last name Apter is most commonly found in North America and Israel today. In the United States it is most widely distributed in California, New York, and Florida. It is thought to have been brought to the US by Ashkenazi Jews from Eastern Europe in the mid-to late 19th century. Apter is also a commonly found surname in Israel, with an estimated 4,200 people having this last name.

Primary research indicates that Apter is derived from the ancient Jewish surname Opper, which first appeared in records as early as the 12th century. This surname first appears to be centered in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and Poland.

Most Apter ancestors come from Jewish families, although some of these individuals converted to Christianity. It is primarily found today within the Jewish population, although there is evidence of individuals with the surname Apter outside of the Jewish faith.

Many Apters in modern times have changed the spelling of their last name. Although today Apter is the most common spelling, it can also be found in variations, such as Abter, Aptor, Apert, Aperture, Apper, Apt or Aptowich.

In conclusion, the last name Apter is most commonly found in North America and Israel today. Records indicate that the origin of this surname comes from the ancient Jewish surname of Opper, which first appeared in records as early as the 12th century. It is most often found within the Jewish population today, although there are individuals with the surname Apter of other religious denominations.Spelling variations of this surname exist today such as Abter, Aptor, Apert, Aperture, Apper, Apt, and Aptowich.

Variations of the surname Apter

The surname Apter is of Hebrew origin and means “wing” or “feather”. It is also commonly spelled Aptor, Apter and Aptar.

Variants of the surname Apter include Aptter, Aptor, Aptar and Apta. These variants come from the Hebrew word for feather, apta. The variant forms can also be found in German, Czech, Polish, Dutch and Israeli records.

Another spelling for the surname Apter is Aptaar. This is another form of the Hebrew word for feather, aptaar. This variant form can be seen in Dutch and Scandinavian records.

Common surnames of the same origin as Apter include Eptiche, Apthorp, Appel, Abatte, Aptekar and Apfel. These surnames all share a common root word in Hebrew and are variations of Apter.

In addition, the surnames Haber and Abitbol can also be variations of the surname Apter. These surnames, when translated, are derived from Hebrew words for “wing” or “feather”.

Lastly, the surname Adler is another variant of the Hebrew word for “wing” or “feather” and can be seen as an alternate form of Apter.

Famous people with the name Apter

  • Jeremy Apter: American television writer for Grey's Anatomy; adult and children's author of books including The End of the Sphinx and The Night Bird.
  • Steve Apter: British record producer who has worked with Pet Shop Boys and Echo and The Bunnymen.
  • Robert Apter: Emmy award-winning producer and director of news programming and documentaries for CBS News, NBC News and PBS News.
  • Ernestine Rose Apter: Columbia University professor of sociology, whose research focuses on health-care reform and public policy.
  • Bruce Apter: New Jersey attorney who served as Mayor of North Bergen from 1996 to 2002.
  • Bruce Apter: Israeli-born American businessman and Second World War veteran, active in local philanthropy.
  • Sarah Apter: Author of Vogel's Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry, authored in conjunction with S. Vogel.
  • David Apter: American political scientist and professor at Yale University, specializing in international and comparative politics.
  • Jean Apter Natow: Founder of the National Council of Jewish Women and prominent American suffragist.
  • Ivan Apter: American playwright and 2001 Winner of the Obie Award for Off-Broadway original playwriting.

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