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Surname Aragon - Meaning and Origin

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T. Aragon

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Aragon: What does the surname Aragon mean?

The surname Aragon is of Spanish origin and is a regional name for someone from Aragon, an autonomous community, and a historical kingdom in northeastern Spain. Its name is derived from the river Aragon, which runs across this area. As it was used to identify people originating from that region, it falls under the category of geographical surnames. In the medieval period, Aragon was a powerful kingdom, and this name may suggest a historic connection to this royal ancestry. The use of the name has also spread to other Spanish-speaking countries, resulting in it being quite common. Notably, this name is associated with Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII of England.

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Aragon: Where does the name Aragon come from?

The surname Aragon originates from Aragon, an autonomous region in northeastern Spain with a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. The name was initially used to denote someone who hailed from this area; hence, it's a geographical surname, also known as a toponymic surname. In the past, people used such names to identify strangers in a new town who came from another area.

Today, the surname Aragon is common in Spain and Latin American countries, particularly in Mexico due to historical Hispanic migration and colonization. It is also found, although less commonly, in the United States and the Philippines. However, the distribution of the surname may have changed over time due to further migration and diaspora. It's worth noting that the name may have distinct spellings or variations in different countries, sometimes being spelled as Aragón, with an accent over the 'o'. Popular belief associates the Aragon surname with traits such as courage and honor, owing to Aragon's historical significance as a powerful medieval kingdom.

Variations of the surname Aragon

The surname Aragon originates from the kingdom of Aragon in Spain. Notable variants or different spellings of the surname Aragon might include Aragón (with an accent), Aragona, D'Aragon, Aragone, Aragoni, Aragones, Arragon, Arragone, Arrigoni, or Arrigon. It should be noted that the addition of prefixes like 'de', 'd'', or 'da' might denote 'from Aragon'. Surnames related to Aragon, or potentially of the same origin might include Arandia and Aranguren, which are also rooted in Basque and denote geographical locations in Spain. However, the variations and interpretive spellings of this surname can be numerous, especially considering the migration of Spanish and other European individuals to different countries over the centuries. It should also be noted that some surnames may have been influenced by Aragon but may not directly originate from it. It is always best to trace each individual family name back through genealogical research to determine precise origins or relations to the Aragon surname.

Famous people with the name Aragon

  • Catherine of Aragon: The first wife of King Henry VIII and the queen of England from 1509 until 1533. She is famous in history for her troubled marriage which led to the English Reformation.
  • Fernando Aragon: A contemporary Mexican actor known for his roles in films such as "Gandhi" and "The Old Gringo."
  • Arturo Aragon: An American professional boxer of Mexican descent who held the Light Middleweight title.
  • Phillipe Aragon: A French professional footballer who has played for teams such as AS Monaco and Football Club de Metz.
  • José Aragón: A well-known New Mexican santero (a carver of religious images) from the 19th century.
  • Yvonne Aragon: An American government official and businesswoman who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.
  • Fernando Aragón: A Spanish former professional road bicycle racer.
  • Raúl Aragón: A famous Argentine actor who appeared in numerous films during the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Alberto Vázquez de Aragón: A famous Spanish singer and actor who was very popular in the 1960s.
  • Francisco Javier Aragón: A former footballer from Spain who played as a striker.
  • Juan Carlos Aragón: A famous Spanish lyricist and musician well known in the world of the "comparsas" in the Carnival of Cádiz.

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