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Surname Arbuckle - Meaning and Origin

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Arbuckle: What does the surname Arbuckle mean?

The last name Arbuckle is defined as an Anglo-Saxon and Scottish name. The origins of the name Arbuckle are found in the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. The name is derived from the Old French words arbre, meaning "tree", and culle, meaning "little mound". It has been theorized that an ancestor living near or on a hill or mound with a tree planted at the site might have borne this as a surname.

The Arbuckle surname is also found among Scottish immigrants to North America. In this case, the name is derived from the Gaelic words 'arbh' meaning 'young' and 'cuill' meaning 'hazle'. The surname is thought to have been derived from a place name describing a young sapling or a hazel bush, which was planted as part of a larger grove. The Arbuckle name is also found among some Irish and Welsh families, though there is no definitive explanation for this variant.

The Arbuckle surname is common today in various parts of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In the US, the name is most commonly found in the states of Tennessee, Missouri, and Texas. In the UK, the name is most commonly found in the county of Aberdeenshire.

The Arbuckle surname is a strong combination of old Anglo-Saxon and Celtic roots and carries with it a unique sense of pride and strength. It is a testament to a lasting heritage that, even today, is revered and passed down through generations.

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Arbuckle: Where does the name Arbuckle come from?

The last name Arbuckle is most common in the United States and Canada. According to the US Census Bureau in 2019 Arbucks were most commonly found in Oklahoma, followed by Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, and Arkansas. The majority of individuals with the Arbuckle last name reside in North America with a small but growing population in Europe.

In the United States, Arbuckles are mainly concentrated in the Midwest and Southern United States; in Canada, Arbuckles are found throughout the country, but are most common in Ontario.

The origin of the Arbuckle surname is a topic that is not currently clear. According to family historians, the surname may have originated in the British Isles and perhaps in Scotland. The earliest records of the surname are found in the records of the 12th century in England.

In more contemporary times, the Arbuckle family is most commonly associated with show business. Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, a silent-film star of the early 20th century, is perhaps the most famous member of the Arbuckle family.

Overall, the last name Arbuckle is not particularly common today, although there has been a recent rise in popularity. It remains a source of pride for many members of the Arbuckle family and is a unique surname that has been around for centuries.

Variations of the surname Arbuckle

The surname Arbuckle is primarily an anglicized form of the Northern Irish or Scottish surname "MacCormack," which can also be spelled MacCormac, McCormack, and McCormac. The name Arbuckle itself is derived from the Middle English name "Arbokele," which means "little tree." The spelling of MacCormack or MacCormac with a "ck" or "c" at the end roughly translates to "son of Cormac."

Variants of the Arbuckle surname include Arbuckel, Arbukle, Arbuckle, Arbuckell, Arbuckell, Arbuckil, Arbuckill, Arbukele, Arbuckie, Arbuckles, Arbuck, Orbuckle, Urbuckle, Orbuckill, Orbuckle, Oarbuckle, Warbuckle, Warbuckel, Warbukle, Warbuckill, and Warbickles.

Individuals with the Arbuckle surname may also have the spelling of their surname changed due to migrations or geographical relocations. This can include variant spellings such as Arbickel, Arbackel, Orbuckle, Oarbuckle, or Erbuckle.

In addition, the Arbuckle surname has been anglicized to British versions such as Arbuckleston, Arbuckleson, and Arbucklestone.

Finally, other variants of the Arbuckle surname derived from other regional spellings can include Airbicker, Arbackler, Aberkal, Orpikal, Aarble, Arbeal, Arckel, and Arpol.

Famous people with the name Arbuckle

  • Fatty Arbuckle: Roscoe Conkling Arbuckle (1887-1933) was an American silent film actor, comedian, director, and screenwriter. He was one of the few silent film actors to transition to talking pictures. He was a major star during the 1910s and one of the most popular film stars of the century.
  • Jim Arbuckle: James Roy Arbuckle (1933-2019) was an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter best known for his collaboration with Mike Bloomfield and Nick Gravenitates in the Electric Flag. He also composed the band's layout and design. 3.Russ Arbuckle: Russ Arbuckle (1939-2015) was an American singer and songwriter. He was an active performer in the folk music scene beginning in the 1960s and was a member of the folk rock band We Five, who had a number one hit with "You Were On My Mind".
  • Robert Arbuckle: Robert Arbuckle (1895-1953) was an American silent film actor and director. He appeared in such film series as The Whirl of Life and Trail of the Mounted Police. He also directed films such as Three Men and a Girl and The Dying Cowboy.
  • William Arbuckle: William Howard Arbuckle (1840-1901) was an American geologist and paleontologist who worked primarily in the western US. He wrote numerous geologic papers and served as the curator of geology at the California Academy of Sciences for many years.
  • Mabel Arbuckle: Mabel Ross Arbuckle (1890-1973) was an American film actress best known for her work in silent films. She starred in films such as Sonny and The Oath of Mabel Arlington and played supporting roles in many other films.

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