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Surname Arkins - Meaning and Origin

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Arkins: What does the surname Arkins mean?

The last name ‘Arkins’ is typically of English origin and is believed to have originated from a place name based on the early Old English words of ‘erce’ meaning ‘church’ and ‘hinh’ meaning ‘meadow’, usually a small island plot, or an area with been cleared of trees, usually for the purpose of grazing livestock. This would often be used in the earliest surnames as a topographical descriptor, describing an individual’s relation to the nearby environment, such as their home. It is believed that, in the instance of 'Arkins' it would refer to a residence that backed onto a church meadow or ‘Arkin’s Meadow’.

Throughout the 14th and 15th Century this early surname was popular in many regions of England and, over the years, has evolved to become more common as a given name in many European countries. Today, the Arkins surname is well spread throughout the world, particularly in North America, Australia and the United Kingdom.

It is also thought that Arkins could have originated from the German surname ‘Arkening’ which was derived from the personal name ‘Arken’, a combination of the Middle High German words ‘ercan’ meaning ‘hearth’ and ‘wig’ which refers to an era or group of warriors.

Overall, Arkins most likely originates from either an English place name or a Middle High German personal name, both with deep spiritual, topographical, and warrior-like roots. It is a well established surname, with many variations, and its current prevalence is a testament to the legacy of its ancient roots.

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Arkins: Where does the name Arkins come from?

The last name Arkins is most commonly found in areas of Canada and the United States with the highest concentration of people with the last name located in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Ontario. The majority of the Arkins family can also be found in the United States. States such as Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, and New York have the most families using the name as of the 2020 census.

The last name Arkins likely originated in multiple places, though much of its use focuses on areas with English settlers. In the United States, many of the first-known bearers of the name are found in the environment of early American colonies in the East as early as the late 1600s and early 1700s. As for the name’s origin, the name is likely derived from the given first name Ark, which is a biblical name meaning strength. The suffix in combined form, “-kins”, adds an element of ‘kinship’ and can imply some sort of familial relationship.

Today many Arkins worldwide meet up every year near Arkansas for the Arkins Family Reunion, an event held in the small community of Bono, AR. It is the largest gathering related to families of the Arkins name on the continent and features family events such as BBQs, firework displays, carnivals, and a church service.

Variations of the surname Arkins

The surname Arkins is an English patronymic surname deriving from the given name Arkyn, itself derived from the given name Arnold.

Variants of the surname Arkins include Arkyn, Arkin, Arkins, Erkin, Erkins, Erkyn, Eyrkins, Errrkin, Errrkins, Ayrkins, and Arnkin.

Some other surnames that are related to Arkins are Arnaud (French), Arnold (German), Arnall (Flemish), Arnau (Catalan), Arnolds (German), Arnaiz (Spanish), Arnao (Italian), Arnould (French), Erne (Swiss), Arni (Scandinavian), Aarnoud, and Arnoud (Dutch).

In North America, Arkins might also be spelled Arkins, Arkins, Erkins, Eyrkins, Eppkins, Ehrens, Aarons, Ehrns, Aron (Ashkenazic Jewish), Arons, Aaron, Aaronson (Ashkenazic Jewish), Aaronsohn (Ashkenazic Jewish), Arenson (Ashkenazic Jewish), Arenzon (Ashkenazic Jewish), Aronson (Ashkenazic Jewish), Bronsohn (Ashkenazic Jewish), and Bronzwaig (Ashkenazic Jewish).

Other possible spellings of the name include Erque, Erken, Erkend, Erleigh, Erlie, Erl, Eral, Erland, Erlinger, Erney, Erriveland, Erriveld, Errold, Erruson, Erwin, Ersland, Earn, Earnland, andEarney.

Famous people with the name Arkins

  • Alan Arkin: Academy Award-winning American actor, director, and screenwriter who began his award-winning career on television and Broadway.
  • Stephen Arkin: American actor, writer, and director best known for his performance in the films Brokeback Mountain and The Wrestler.
  • Edwin Arkins: American diplomat, lawyer, and politician who served as United States Ambassador to Bolivia and Guatemala.
  • River Arkins: American film and television actor, best known for his roles in films like The Holiday, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.
  • Talia Arkins: American actress and television personality, best known for her role in the 2005 movie Cheaper by the Dozen 2.
  • Mark Arkins: English actor, best known for his roles in shows such as Coronation Street, Doctors and Heartbeat.
  • Steve Arkins: American basketball coach, most notably for the University of Arizona Wildcats men's basketball team from 1996 to 2006.
  • Spencer Arkins: American actor, best known for his lead role in the Disney Channel original movie Adventures in Babysitting (2016).
  • Anna Arkins: American professional tennis player, best known for her performance in the 2008 US Open qualifying rounds.
  • Joseph Arkins: Irish-born American playwright and theatre director, best known for his adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo for the stage.

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