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Surname Armatidge - Meaning and Origin

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Armatidge: What does the surname Armatidge mean?

The last name Armatidge is of French origin and means "from the land of the armors". This surname comes from France's Armorica region, which gets its name from the Latin for "armored" or "armory". Armorica was one of the provinces of Gaul that was inhabited by Celts prior to the arrival of the Romans in During the Middle Ages, many members of the Armatidge family became renowned for their bravery and devotion to the cause of chivalry and their skill in battle.

The Armatidge family was one of the most respected families throughout France. Their name was often mentioned in legends and stories, and their fame spread throughout Europe - so much so that they can be found in many countries they had never set foot in. Many of them were renowned for their skill in battle and their bravery.

The family was very successful in business and held positions of great influence in France. Through their success, they were able to acquire riches, power and respect throughout France and other countries.

The Armatidge family has a long and proud history of serving their country in both peace and war. Throughout history, many members of the Armatidge family achieved great fame and success, and their legacy still lives on through their descendants today.

Armatidge: Where does the name Armatidge come from?

The last name Armatidge is most commonly found in regions which have historically experienced significant levels of immigration from the United Kingdom, such as countries of the Commonwealth. The United States and Canada are two such examples of nations where Armatidge is most prevalent.

In the US, many of the earliest instances of the Armatidge surname were found in Virginia, where 17th century English settlers Bermuda and Virginia colonies is where the name has its root. Later in the century, migration to the mid-Atlantic states incorporated the name into the local population. As the United States continually expanded, the Armatidge family spread further south into the Carolinas and Georgia, as well as westward into Texas.

In Canada, the Armatidge name first appeared during the United Empire Loyalist migration to the westernmost parts of the country. American Loyalists frequently moved into Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Today, descendants of the Armatidge family still reside in all four corners of North America. Of course, there is still a strong presence of this surname in the United Kingdom and many other countries of the former British Empire; indeed, many Armatidges in the US and Canada can trace their roots back to these countries.

Variations of the surname Armatidge

The surname Armatidge is believed to have evolved from the Anglo-Norman French surname Armatage or Aumatage. Over the years, this surname has undergone several changes in spelling, including Armitage, Armittage, and Armitage.

The variants of Armatidge with the same origin include Amitage, Amettage, Amyatage, Amitage, Amittage, Ammedge, Amiottage, Armitage, Armittee, Armittage, Armitage, Armoridge, Armatage, Armetics, Ometage, Ommetage, Ormetage, and Ummadge.

Apart from variants of spelling and origins, a few surnames used interchangeably with Armatidge are the following: Amitage, Amettage, Ammedge, Armouridge, Armitage, Armittage, Armetage, Armetie, Armetts, Armoridge, Armourage, Armette, Armittige, Elmetto, and Ummadge.

In conclusion, Armatidge is a surname that has held multiple different spellings as well as interchangeable surnames over the years. All of which are believed to have the same surname origin and meanings.

Famous people with the name Armatidge

  • Alison Armatage: British theatre, television, and film actress.
  • Martin Armatage: U.S. Army Colonel and expert on counter-terrorism and international security.
  • Robert Armatage: Canadian lawyer and Soldier.
  • Richard Armatage: English footballer and manager.
  • William Armatage: Australian politician and Member of Legislative Assembly.
  • Peter Armatage: British army intelligence officer and historian.
  • Frederic Armatage: British Liberal politician.
  • Augustus Armatage: British doctor and Member of Parliament.
  • Samuel Armatage: Australian soldier, lawyer, and judge.
  • Charles Armatage: American astronomer and educator.
  • Meg Armatage: Australian screenwriter, film director, producer, and actor.
  • Harry Armatage: British actor, film producer, and director.
  • Warren Armatage: Australian businessman and political figure.
  • Frank Armatage: Canadian demand chain and human resources specialist.
  • Jack Armatage: Canadian World War II veteran and organizer of a Canadian veterans' commemorative parade.

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