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Surname Armeni - Meaning and Origin

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Armeni: What does the surname Armeni mean?

Armeni is a unique surname with a fascinating history. It can be found in many countries throughout Europe, particularly the countries of Armenia, Italy, Greece, Romania, and Slovakia. The name is believed to have originated from the Greek word “Armenion”, which refers to the native people of Armenia.

The name was then adopted by several other cultures and nations, such as the Armenians who lived in Italy during the Middle Ages. It later became popular in Romania and Slovakia, where the name originated.

The Armeni surname is believed to mean “noble” or “honorable”. This is supported by historical records which indicate that members of this family were often members of nobility. Additionally, Armeni is a derivative of the Latin word “armenius”, which means “man of arms” or “soldier”, further suggesting that Armeni families were warriors or military personnel.

While the exact origin of the Armeni surname may remain a mystery, this unique name is definitely indicative of a rich history and a strong heritage. An Armeni family can be proud of their heritage and of the strength, nobility, and courage the name implies.

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Armeni: Where does the name Armeni come from?

The last name Armeni is most commonly found in the countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, and Armenia today. Many Armeni’s around the world can trace their roots back to the areas of the Armenian Highlands, Southeast Turkey and Northeast Syria, where the Armenian people originated thousands of years ago.

Armeni’s in Turkey have descended from a mix of Byzantine, Greek, Assyrian and Anatolian heritage. During a time of war and displacement in the 10th and 11th centuries, many Armeni’s were forced to flee and migrate to different parts of the world.

In Southeast Turkey, Armeni’s are believed to descend from factors like the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. It was here that Armenian’s settled in 16th century Anatolia and Kütahya areas.

Lebanon also has a small Armenian community that is believed to trace its origins back to Armenian’s fleeing neighboring Syria and the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

The last name Armeni is also widespread in Greece, where it is believed to have been carried over during the 15th century when the Ottoman Empire guideline obliged Muslims to leave the country.

Finally, Armenia itself is still home to many Armeni’s today, and is the only country to recognize the genocide of up to one and a half million Armenians in the early 20th century. Armenia is home to the Armenian genocide monument, which serves to recognize the victims of one of the world’s most horrible crimes against an ethnic group.

Variations of the surname Armeni

The surname Armeni is a patronymic derived from a personal name meaning “Armenian.” Depending on the geographical origin of the family, various spellings and variants of the surname have emerged.

In Italy, for example, Armeni can be spelled as Armenio, Armenis, Armenisio, Armenisus, and Armens. In addition, other forms of the surname such as Armensi, Armenso, Armenti, Armentiis, and Armensis may also be seen. In Croatia and other parts of southern Europe, the surname is also spelled as Arminije and Arminijic.

The variants of the surname Armeni can vary greatly depending on dialect and region. In Portugal, the surname is commonly spelled as Armenio and Arménio and in other Spanish speaking countries, such as Argentina and Mexico, the surname is usually spelled as Armenti or Armentiis. In the United States, the surname is most often seen as Armeni, Armeny, or Armenian. In Greece, the surname is most commonly spelt Armenidou and in Turkey, the surname is usually written as Ermeni.

Other versions of the surname Armeni include Armeen, Armin, Ermina, Erminah, and Ermiyanto. There are also variants such as Armian, Armen, Armenak, and Armenogian which are used by Armenian families around the world.

Given the diverse cultural origins and spellings of the surname Armeni, there is no one definitive way to spell the name and numerous variants and alternate spellings exist.

Famous people with the name Armeni

  • Armeni Pena, singer and actor from Colombia
  • Penelope Armeni, producer and writer known for her work on the popular series, The Bold and The Beautiful
  • Sebastien Armeni, French filmmaker and musician who has produced numerous documentaries, short films and music videos
  • Antonella Armeni, actress and model from Italy, best known for her roles in the Nowhere Boys and L'escorte
  • Emiliano Armeni, actor and performer famous for his work in the series Siren and Hijos de Lobos
  • Elisabetta Armeni, Italian actress and television host
  • Andrea Armeni, Italian dancer who won the 2008 edition of the television dance talent show, Amici
  • Adolfo Armeni, Argentinian artist and music producer
  • Mario Armeni, Italian soccer player and coach
  • Josephine Armeni, American professor of education and author of several books on gifted education.

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