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Surname Armijo - Meaning and Origin

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S. Armijo

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Armijo: What does the surname Armijo mean?

Armijo is a Spanish surname that originated from the Iberian Peninsula, specifically in the region of Spain and Portugal. The term “Armijo” itself is derived from the Spanish word “armigero”, denoting a person who bears arms or a soldier. Hence, it is usually associated with military occupation or status. As a surname, it is often linked to ancestors who might have been significant or distinguished figures in the military. In some regions, the term further retains a noble or aristocratic connotation. Apart from Spain and Portugal, the name is also found in the Americas due to historical colonization and migration patterns. It's important to note that, over time, many surnames have evolved and their original meanings may have diversified or been slightly altered. Hence, the surname Armijo doesn't necessarily imply a military connection for everyone carrying it today.

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Armijo: Where does the name Armijo come from?

The last name Armijo originates from Spain and it is a traditional Spanish occupational surname. The term 'Armijo' is derived from 'Armigero', an old Spanish word which meant 'a bearer of arms' or 'one who bears arms'. It was usually bestowed on those who were soldiers or worked as armorers.

Today, Armijo is a common surname mainly in Spanish-speaking countries, particularly in Mexico. However, it is also quite common in the southwestern United States, especially in New Mexico due to its historical ties to Spain and Mexico. Furthermore, the populations of Spanish descent in other parts of the world, including Central and South America, may also bear this surname. It's important to note that the distribution of the surname might be affected by migration patterns throughout history.

Variations of the surname Armijo

The surname Armijo originates from Spanish nobility and is predominantly found in Spain and across Latin America. There are few variant spellings of Armijo due to its specific Spanish origin. A possible derivative could be Armijos, often used to indicate belonging to a family.

However, in some cases, it might be found with accents in countries where Spanish is the primary language, like Armijó, based on the pronunciation. Yet, this version is considerably rare.

Similar surnames that may share the same origin could be Armiño, Armino, and Armio. These are conditioned by regional and phonetic differences, but they are not common.

On the other hand, there are surnames which share a similar root. For example, "Armijar" could be related as it might come from the same verb “armar” (to arm), with a different suffix.

Also, Armillas, Armijón, Arminio, or Armendáriz might be of the same origin, as they are all Spanish surnames that come from "Arma/Armi," which suggests a connotation of nobility or military.

However, confirming their connection would require an in-depth genealogical study.

Famous people with the name Armijo

  • Roberto Armijo: A famous Salvadoran poet and writer.
  • Francisco Armijo: A Nicaraguan professional footballer who played as a defender.
  • Manuel Armijo: A politician who served three times as governor of New Mexico in the mid-19th century.
  • Diego de Vargas: His full name is Diego de Vargas Zapata Luján Ponce de León y Armijo and he was a Spanish nobleman and governor who led the re-conquest of New Mexico after the Pueblo Revival.
  • Jerónima Armijo: She is known as an heir to one of the oldest and most influential families in New Mexico, the Armijos. Her house, the so-called "Armijo House," is a National Historic Landmark.
  • Rafael Armijo: A professional boxer from Spain.
  • Carlos Armijo: A retired professional cyclist from Colombia.
  • Sergio Armijo: A former professional baseball player from Spain.
  • Eddy Armijo: A former professional football player from the United States.
  • Lupe Armijo: An actress known for her role in the movie "The Muppets."

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