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Surname Arnal - Meaning and Origin

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Arnal: What does the surname Arnal mean?

Arnal is a surname of French origin. It is derived from the old French term "Arnel", which refers to a dwelling or lodging place. This architectural term itself stems from "herle", an Old English word meaning "nook" or "corner". Hence, the last name Arnal might have first been given to individuals who lived in or near such a location, suggesting the name may be topographical in nature. Alternatively, Arnal might have originally been an occupational name given to the innkeeper or the caretaker of a lodging place. The use of last names was not common until the High Middle Ages, and they were often related to a person's occupation or geographical location. Today, Arnal is distributed in various parts of the world due to migration.

Arnal: Where does the name Arnal come from?

The surname Arnal is of French origin and it is derived from the Germanic personal name Arnold, which means ‘eagle power’. The surname is composed of two elements - ‘Arn’ meaning eagle and ‘Wald’ meaning power. It was first found in the region of Forez, in the central eastern part of France, where the family held a significant status since the early Middle Ages.

Today, the surname Arnal is more common in France and Spain, especially in regions like Occitania and Catalonia. In France, it is predominantly found in the southeastern part of the country. The presence of the surname in Spain is due to historical migration and geographic proximity. Also, it’s not rare to find people bearing the last name Arnal in South American countries like Argentina, due to the extensive Spanish influence. However, the surname can be found in various corners of the world due to global diaspora, but it continues to be most prevalent in France and Spain.

Variations of the surname Arnal

The surname Arnal is of French origin and dates back to ancient times where it was commonly used in the region of Gascogne. Variants and alternative spellings related to Arnal often reflect cultural and linguistic differences from region to region where the name has been found. Some of these include Arnall, Arnault, Arnoux, and Arnoul.

In some cases, surnames like Arnoll or Arnhold might also be derived from Arnal. Another variant spelling that can be found primarily in Spain is Arnau. Derived surnames, often formed by adding a diminutive suffix, might include Arnell or Arnett.

The origin of these surnames ties back to the personal name Arnaldus that in turn comes from the German elements "arn", meaning eagle, and "wald", meaning power. Therefore, some parallel surnames with the same origin but from different cultures might include the German Arnold, Italian Arnoldi, or Spanish Arnoldo.

Remember, the spelling and usage of these surnames can change over time and geographic location, often influenced by factors such as migration, cultural blending, dialects, or literacy levels of the time.

Famous people with the name Arnal

  • Eric Arnal, French vocalist
  • Delphine Arnal, French actress
  • Raphaël Arnal, French actor
  • Pascal Arnal, French actor
  • Francis Arnal, French actor
  • Paul-Emile Arnal, French actor
  • Juliette Arnal, French actress
  • Jean-Claude Arnal, French actor
  • Blaise Arnal, French actor
  • Jean-Jacques Arnal, French Actor
  • Christine Arnal, French Actress
  • Denis Arnal, French actor
  • Jean-Claude Arnal, French Actor
  • Alice Arnal, French actress
  • Eric Arnal Burberry, French ballet dancer
  • Claude Arnal, French actor
  • Gilles Arnal, French Producer
  • Jacques Arnal, French actor
  • Pierre-Laurent Arnal, French actor
  • Geoffroy Arnal, French actor

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