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Surname Arredondo - Meaning and Origin

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Arredondo: What does the surname Arredondo mean?

Arredondo is a Spanish surname which is associated with geographical locations. The name is believed to have originated from the town of Arredondo in Cantabria, Spain. This implies that the initial bearers of the Arredondo name likely hailed from or held lands in this region. The name appears to be a compound word, derived from "Arre" meaning "place of stones," and "dondo," an old Spanish term that refers to a "rounded hill." However, it's important to note that surnames have ancient origins and their meanings can sometimes be speculative; many are based on the place of origin, family occupation, or a notable ancestor. Regardless, the Arredondo name reflects a connection to the natural landscape and geography of Spain.

Arredondo: Where does the name Arredondo come from?

The last name Arredondo is of Spanish origin. It is derived from a place name in the Santander province of Spain. The name means 'place of rounded valley' in Spanish, with "arredondar" meaning "to round off." Today, the surname is common in Spain and in countries with a significant Spanish-speaking population. This includes many Latin American countries, particularly Mexico, due to the historical Spanish influence and migration. Additionally, the name can be found in the United States, predominantly among the Hispanic population. Despite its geographical spread, it is not a highly common surname compared to other Spanish surnames like Garcia, Martinez, or Hernandez.

Variations of the surname Arredondo

The surname Arredondo may have variants and alternative spellings based on geographical locations, translation, or simply due to a recording error in the ancestry lines. Some of these variants could possibly include Arredonda, Arredondes, Arredondos, and Arredondas. It is primarily used in Spanish-speaking countries, particularly in Mexico, Spain, and parts of the United States with a high Spanish-speaking population.

For surnames of the same origin, it's important to note that Arredondo is of Spanish origin and it is a habitational name from a place in Cantabria named Arredondo. This means other Spanish surnames that are also based on specific geographical locations could be considered of the same origin. Surnames of the same origin could include geographical Spanish ones like Mendoza (from the mountainous region), Zamora (from a city in Spain), or Morales (from numerous places named Morales).

However, it is essential to acknowledge that while these surnames may have similar origins in terms of being geographical Spanish surnames, they do not guarantee any sort of familial relationship to the Arredondos.

Famous people with the name Arredondo

  • Maria Arredondo: A renowned Norwegian pop singer who gained fame with her debut self-titled album Maria Arredondo released in 2003.
  • Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca, known as Anthony Quinn: Although not his legal surname, Arredondo was the surname of his mother. Anthony Quinn was a highly distinguished Mexican-American actor, painter, and writer. He is best remembered for his performance in movies like "Zorba the Greek" and "Lust for Life".
  • Camila Fernandez Arredondo: She is the daughter of the legendary Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez and America Guinart. Camila is making her own mark as a singer in Mexican music industry.
  • Angela Arredondo: A television actress from Colombia who has appeared in several popular telenovelas including “La Nocturna” and “The Queen of Flow”.
  • Carlos Arredondo: A Costa Rican-American peace activist who became renowned for his heroic efforts during the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.
  • Monica Spear (Monica Spear Mootz): This renowned Venezuelan actress, Miss Venezuela 2004 and top 5 finalist at Miss Universe 2005, took the surname of Arredondo from her mother. Tragically, she was murdered in 2014, which brought international attention to the high levels of violent crime in Venezuela.
  • Lorenzo Arredondo: He's an American judge, who served in the Lake County, Indiana Superior Court for 34 years.

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