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Surname Arrick - Meaning and Origin

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Arrick: What does the surname Arrick mean?

The last name Arrick is of Old Norse origin derived from the name 'Eiríkr'. This name is a combination of the elements 'ei', which stands for ever or always, and 'ríkr', which means ruler or prince. Thus, Arrick can be interpreted as "always ruler" or "eternal ruler." In some cases, the surname Arrick may also have an old German derivation, in which it could mean ruler of the people or ruler of the army, from the words 'ric', meaning ruler, and 'heri', indicating an army. It is essential to note that the meanings of surnames can be influenced by various factors like geographical locations and historical periods. Therefore, the interpretation of the name Arrick may vary across regions and over eras.

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Arrick: Where does the name Arrick come from?

The surname Arrick is of Old Norse origin and was first found in Lancashire, a county in Northwest England. It is a variant of Erick, derived from "Eiríkr", a compound of "ei" (ever, always) and "ríkr" (ruler, king), hence meaning "eternal ruler" or "ever powerful".

As with many surnames, migration and cultural diffusion over time have spread the name to various parts of the world. Today, the Arrick surname is most commonly found in the United States, specifically in the states of Texas and Ohio. However, it is still not a very common surname, and families called Arrick can be found all over the world, including in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Although it derives from a Norse origin and is most common in English-speaking countries, this surname is not heavily concentrated in any specific region. It's worth mentioning that due to regional pronunciations and translations, the Arrick name may have different spellings in various cultures.

Variations of the surname Arrick

The surname Arrick has several variations and spellings, as is common with many family names which originated at a time when spelling was not strictly standardized. Some of these variants and spellings include Aurich, Arick, Arik, Aric, Arrich, Ehrich, Erich, Orrick, Orick, and it's possible some have been Americanized or anglicized to Eric or Erik.

Similarly, it may be a variant of the German surname Aurich or Danish surname Erring, as well as other Nordic and Deutsch surnames based on "Eirik" or "Erich".

Surnames of the same origin mainly refer to Germanic roots, as 'Arrick' is thought to be of Old Norse and Old German origin, potentially meaning "ever ruling", "alone", or "ruler". In some cases, it can be a shortened version of names like Frederick or Roderick.

As a word of caution, tracing surname origins and variations can be complex and identities often blur over centuries and migrations. Multiple sources suggest different origins. To establish a definitive lineage or meaning for your surname, consult genealogical or historical research, or a professional name historian.

Famous people with the name Arrick

  • Charles Arrick: a former professional downhill skier turned motivational speaker.
  • Eugene Arrick– an American actor and stuntman who has appeared on television shows like Mad Men and NCIS.
  • Mark Arrick: an American yoga instructor and motivator.
  • Jonathan Arrick– an American screenwriter and producer known for his work on the series “Southland”.
  • Roy Arrick: an American businessman and entrepreneur who founded AquaFaucet, a kitchen and bathroom fixtures company.
  • Rick Arrick– an American baseball player who was drafted in 1971 and went on to have a successful career in the minor leagues.
  • Katherine Arrick– an American actress and playwright, known for her role in the movie “Paranormal Activity 4”.
  • Malachi Arrick– an American sculptor, painter and jewelry maker who focuses on abstract works.
  • Scott Arrick– an American music executive and producer who has worked with various stars including Jay Z and Alicia Keys.
  • Jevon Arrick– an American rapper and songwriter known for his lyrical content, production and high energy performances.

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