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Surname Arronis - Meaning and Origin

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Arronis: What does the surname Arronis mean?

The last name Arronis is of Greek origin and is derived from the personal name Arrhon, which comes from the Greek word arrhein meaning to cut or shorten. The name was traditionally used to refer to someone who was a tailor or hairdresser.

Today, the surname Arronis can be found in many countries, including Cyprus, the United States, Canada, Greece, and the United Kingdom. Variations of the name include Aronis, Aronis, Arrins, Arinous, Arroni and Aronis.

The current estimated population of the Arronis surname is approximately 0.8% of the total world population and the surname is not commonly found in many places. Those who don the Arronis name can be proud of their Greek ancestry and the fact that the name has been passed down from generation to generation.

The Arronis surname has strong ties to the Greek language, culture, and history. Those with the Arronis name are typically deeply proud of their heritage and strive to uphold the values and traditions of their ancestor’s people. It is likely that people with this name have close family connections in Greece and take great pride in their culture and shared last name.

Arronis: Where does the name Arronis come from?

The last name Arronis is relatively rare, with fewer than 250 people in the world currently bearing the name. However, it appears to be most concentrated in South America. According to the official website for the Arronis family, the name is believed to have originated in the Piedmont region of northern Italy, likely from an area called Aronese. Records show that the Arronis family first emigrated to South America in the early 1600s. Today, the majority of Arronis individuals are found in Brazil, particularly in the southeastern state of Espírito Santo. This is the state with the highest concentration of the name in Brazil.

Another sizeable population of Arronis individuals is located in Venezuela's capital, Caracas. Despite this, the majority of Arronis families are located in Espírito Santo. Apart from South America, some Arronis families are known to have settled in the United States. These families mainly live in Texas, California, and Illinois, with small numbers scattered throughout the other states.

Outside of South America and the United States, the last name Arronis is quite uncommon. Records of the name appear in places like Italy, France, England, Canada, Germany, and even in countries like South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. For the most part, though, Arronis families continue to be concentrated in South America, particularly in Brazil and Venezuela.

Variations of the surname Arronis

The surname Arronis is of Hebrew or Spanish origin, originating from Aaron (רַעַען). It is also spelled as Aronis, Aarons, Aranis, Aroniz, Arráez and Arraine. Other variants include Aronne, Aaronson, Aaroni, Aarone, Aaronovitch, Aaronson, Aaronson, Aaronsen, Aaronsky, Aaronsohn, Aharon, Ahron, Aron, Arons, Aronson, Aronow, Aronsen, Aronsky, Aronsson, Aronne, Aronowsky and Aronö.

In Hebrew spelling, Arronis is usually spelled אהרן, with variants such as אַהֲרוֹן and אַרְוָנִיז. These spellings may also be found in Ashkenazi Jewish communities.

In Spanish spelling, the variants are Aarones, Arranes, Arráez and Arrains.The Spanish spelling of Arronis is usually Arrónez or Arreones.

The Arronis surname is common in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Britain, Germany, Austria and Israel. It is also found in Jewish and Sephardic communities.

In the United States, Arronis is the 2,196th most common surname.

Famous people with the name Arronis

  • Alexandra Aronas: a Greek actress and Director.
  • Kevin Aronas: a Canadian writer, director and producer known for Ottawa Stories and Lip Service.
  • Lily Aronas: a British fashion designer, who creates a variety of bags, wallets, scarves, and other accessories.
  • Andreas Aronas: a Greek actor and comedian, known for roles in Alpha TV comedy shows.
  • Luca Aronas: a professional Italian golfer.
  • Sky Aronas: an American singer-songwriter, actor, and composer.
  • Tony Aronas: an American Indie Rock musician who has released two albums.
  • Susanna Aronas: an American fashion designer and inventor.
  • John Aronas, an American businessman and philanthropist known for his family foundation focused on educational programs.
  • Helena Aronas: an Australian actress and TV presenter, who has appeared in a number of films and TV shows.

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