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Surname Artley - Meaning and Origin

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Artley: What does the surname Artley mean?

The surname Artley is believed to be of English origin, possibly derived from a geographical locality, 'at the ley', depicting someone who lived near a meadow or a piece of fallow land (also known as a 'ley'). The first recorded spelling of the family name, tracing as far back to 16th century, is shown to be that of Thomas Artley, born at Yorkshire, England. However, it is important to note that many English surnames have undergone changes in spelling and meaning over centuries, and it is possible that the present form and interpretation of the name Artley might vary from its original version.

Artley: Where does the name Artley come from?

The surname Artley is of English origin, specifically considered to be Anglo-Saxon. It is believed to have originated from a place called Hartley in West Yorkshire, England. The name may also be a variant of Hartley, being derived from the Old English words "heort" (meaning deer) and "leah" (meaning wood or clearing), suggesting an initial residence in or near a deer park or wood. Today, the Artley surname is not very common and it is scattered quite uniformly across the globe. However, it is reportedly more prevalent in the United States than in any other country. Also, within the US itself, the states with higher frequency of the Artley surname include Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio. It should be noted that frequency and widespread use does not necessarily indicate origin; it might just signify migration patterns or geographical dispersion over the years.

Variations of the surname Artley

The surname Artley is of English origin, suggesting a derivation from geographical or occupational roots. Variants of this surname likely include similar sounding names, or names that may have morphed slightly due to regional dialects or transliteration over time. These could include Artly, Arterly, Artleigh, Artlie, Artlea, or even Artlee.

In some cases, if the surname originated as a geographical marker, similar surnames might correlate directly to places in England, such as Hartley or Yardley. For occupational roots, it might be related to similar surnames like Hartley (from the old English “heorot” meaning stag and “leah” meaning clearing, combined to mean "stag meadow") in cases where the original derivation got mixed up or misheard.

There's also the possibility that Artley could be a variant of the surname Bartley, with the "B" being dropped due to pronunciation vagaries or transcription errors over time.

It is indeed challenging to trace a definitive list of all variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Artley, and often, further in-depth genealogical research is required to draw out even more possible connections and variants.

Famous people with the name Artley

  • Robert Ernest Artley: He was an American agricultural editor and author, best known for his memoirs about rural life in the early twentieth century. His memoir "Once Upon a Farm" aims to depict life on an American farm.
  • Bob Artley: Known as Robert "Bob" Artley, he was a cartoonist and author noted for his sketches and writings that nostalgically recall farm life.
  • Alex Artley: Noted for his work on movies like "Alex & Ed Splash, Explore & More", "Kitsch" and "So You Think You Can Dance Australia". Please note that there aren't many well-known figures with the last name 'Artley'. Also, it's possible that some individuals may have used 'Artley' as a stage name or pseudonym for their professional careers. The presence of the Artley name might therefore be more visible in business, academic, or local area contexts, instead of globally or nationally recognized individuals. Still, Robert, Bob, and Alex Artley stand among those who've achieved notoriety in their respective fields.

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