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Surname Ashbaugh - Meaning and Origin

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Ashbaugh: What does the surname Ashbaugh mean?

The last name Ashbaugh is an English variant of the Middle High German name Asbach, and its variants Ashback and Assback. The earliest known occurrences of this name are from Germany, and the habitational name was derived from a place name of Asbach found in several locations in Germany.

The literal meaning of the name Ashbaugh is derived from two distinct words – “as”, meaning ash tree, and “bach” which means stream or river. The combination of the two words gives it the meaning of “stream along an ash tree” and the presence of an ash tree nearby was likely an important sign of shelter and safety in ages past.

In modern times, the surname Ashbaugh is still common in the English speaking world. According to the 2010 US census, the frequency of the last name was 0.00014% approximately equivalent to about 28,000 people. The surname is most commonly found in the states of Pennsylvania, Oregon, and Maryland. It is also found in England and Scotland.

The name Ashbaugh is associated with strong roots, longevity, and enduring influences. It is also linked to a sense of belonging and connection with the past. Those with the surname can take pride in the knowledge that their name has a long history and deep meaning that connects them to a place far away in time.

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Ashbaugh: Where does the name Ashbaugh come from?

The last name Ashbaugh is most commonly found among citizens in the United States. It originated from German immigrants in the 18th century, who originated from a variety of places, including Pennsylvania and the British Isles. Today, the surname is found in several states across the country.

In general, the states with the highest concentrations of people bearing the Ashbaugh surname are Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana. In fact, the most populous Ashbaugh family still resides in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, where they have served as local politicians and business leaders since the pre-Revolutionary War era.

In addition to the states mentioned above, Ashbaugh is commonly found in Maryland, New York, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, and Texas. The last name can also be found among descendants of Ashbaughs who moved to other countries, such as Canada and Australia.

While the last name Ashbaugh has its origins in Europe, the majority of Ashbaughs living today are located in the United States. With concentrations especially high in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana, these states are the most likely places to find an Ashbaugh family today.

Variations of the surname Ashbaugh

The surname Ashbaugh is of German origin and is a variation of the German surname Asbach. Other variations of the surname Ashbaugh include Ashbough, Ashburg, Ashby, Ashbyrne, Aschbach, Asbach, and Ashbarger.

The Ashbaugh surname is also spelled and pronounced differently in different countries such as the United States, England, and Germany. Common variations in the United States include Ashbaugh and Ashbaugher. In England, the surname is often spelled Ashbough, Ashburh, Ashbyrne, and Aschbach. In Germany, the surname is commonly spelled Asbach.

In addition to the original German surname, the Ashbaugh surname also has several variants that are derived from other languages. These include Ashbough, Ashbeigh, Asbury, and Oswalt.

It is important to note that while the surname Ashbaugh has many variants, its origin is the same throughout Europe. The surname originated in Germany, and its various spellings and pronunciations have spread throughout Europe and the United States over time. As such, all of the variants of the same name can be traced back to the same origin.

Famous people with the name Ashbaugh

  • Randy Ashbaugh: former professional baseball pitcher
  • Rob Ashbaugh: former professional football tight end with the New Orleans Saints
  • Steve Ashbaugh: former professional basketball player with the Seattle SuperSonics
  • Mike Ashbaugh: former professional soccer coach with the Richmond Kickers
  • Brian Ashbaugh: professional football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Dallas Ashbaugh: former professional basketball player with the Atlanta Hawks
  • Joe Ashbaugh: former professional hockey player with the St. Louis Blues
  • Brad Ashbaugh: former professional baseball pitcher with the San Diego Padres
  • Pat Ashbaugh: Olympic gold medal winner in rowing
  • Paul Ashbaugh: former professional baseball pitcher with the Detroit Tigers

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