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Surname Ashworth - Meaning and Origin

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Ashworth: What does the surname Ashworth mean?

Ashworth is an English surname that originated from a place-name in Lancashire, England. The name is derived from the Old English words "æsc" meaning ash, and "worth" meaning an enclosure or a homestead. Therefore, the name Ashworth essentially translates to 'an enclosed area or homestead where ash trees grow'. It is a topographic surname given to people who lived in or near such a location. Over time, the name has traveled to other parts of the world due to migration and has different variations in spelling. Despite its widespread use, the surname's meaning has stayed consistent with its original Old English roots.

Ashworth: Where does the name Ashworth come from?

The surname Ashworth has Anglo-Saxon origins and derives from a geographical location. It is associated with a place named Ashworth in Lancashire, England. The name's evolution traces back to Old English words "æsc" meaning ash, and "worth" meaning enclosure or homestead; hence, possibly was first assigned to someone living by an ash tree enclosure.

This surname has been present in the British Isles since the Middle Ages and it became quite widespread in Northern England, especially in the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Immigrants later brought the name to America, Australia, and other parts of the globe during the period of colonization.

Today, the surname is most prevalent in England and it is also very common in the United States, Australia, and Canada. In England, it remains especially frequent in its place of origin, Lancashire. According to Forebears, the Ashworth surname ranks as the 933rd most common in the world, with the highest number of people bearing the name found in England.

Variations of the surname Ashworth

The surname Ashworth is of Anglo-Saxon origin which is 'locational' deriving from a place in the county of Lancashire called Ashworth, near to the town of Rochdale. The name in Old English meant "Enclosure or cultivated land by the ash tree" from 'aesc', an ash tree, and 'worth', an enclosure or farm.

Several spellings variations of the surname Ashworth had been documented over time due to illiteracy or differing regional pronunciations. These variant spellings include Aspworth, Asheworth, Asiworth, Ascheworth, Asheworth, Asworth, Ayshworth, Aysworth, Ashword, Asward, Aswarth, Aswarde, Ashwarde, and Aishworth among others.

There are few surnames that have the same origin as Ashworth. The surnames 'Worth' and 'Ash' both share parts of the name 'Ashworth', deriving from Old English words like 'worth' meaning, 'enclosure' or 'homestead', and 'aesc' meaning 'ash tree'. Another similar-sounding and related surname is 'Ainsworth', which has the same Lancastrian roots and a similar topographical origin.

There's no direct evidence that other surnames came explicitly from 'Ashworth', but some families may have chosen to modify the name in unique ways, leading to entirely new surnames.

Famous people with the name Ashworth

  • Tom Ashworth: An American former professional football player who played in the NFL, he was part of the New England Patriots team that won Super Bowl XXXIX.
  • Lewis Ashworth: Known for his role as Aaron Livesy in the British soap opera 'Emmerdale' from 2014 to 2018.
  • Lyn Ashworth: A renowned English bridal fashion designer.
  • Clifford Ashworth: An English cricketer who played for Lancashire and Somerset.
  • Paul Ashworth: A British football coach and manager who currently works as the National Director of Football at the Latvian Football Federation.
  • Aaron Ashworth: An Australian rugby league footballer who played as a forward for the Melbourne Storm in the NRL.
  • Betty Ashworth: An American actress best known for her work in the silent film era.
  • Si Ashworth: A renowned British chef and proprietor of The NoMad Hotel in London.
  • Hazel Ashworth: An Australian woman cricketer.
  • Peter Ashworth: An English photographer known for his work in the music industry during the 1980s.
  • John Ashworth: A British economist and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Salford.
  • Cody Ashworth: A Canadian professional ice hockey player.
  • Lyman Ashworth: A Canadian clergyman and educator.

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