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Surname Askey - Meaning and Origin

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Askey: What does the surname Askey mean?

The surname Askey is of Anglo-Saxon origin, deriving from the Old English term, "aesces ig," which translates to "ash island." This name was likely a topographic name given to individuals who lived on land surrounded by ash trees or a patch of ash trees. It could potentially also refer to people living near ash trees within an island context. It may also have its roots in specific places named 'Askey', thus signifying the individual came from there. Surnames often reflected an individual's location, occupation, or physical attributes during their development in medieval times. Given the different regions within England, the name can appear in various forms such as Askie, Aske, Aschey, and others. Notable people bearing this surname include the British comedian Arthur Askey and the American mathematician Richard Askey.

Askey: Where does the name Askey come from?

The surname Askey is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Old English personal name "Asketill," which is composed of the elements "oss" or "áss," meaning "god," and "ketill," meaning "kettle" or "helmet." It was often used metaphorically to refer to a noble warrior or a brave person.

The name was first recorded in Cheshire, England, and it is there that the Askey family held a family seat from ancient times. This surname was widely used in the north of England, particularly in Yorkshire and Lancashire. An alternate spelling for Askey is Ayscough or Aiscough, commonly used in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.

Today, the Askey surname is not very common internationally. It is most prevalent in the United States, followed by England and Australia according to available census data. Despite its Anglo-Saxon origins and its traditional association with places like Yorkshire or Lincolnshire, Cheshire seems to be the area in England today where it is relatively more common compared to other places. In Australia, it's mostly found in Victoria state, and in the US, it is more common in the states of Utah, Missouri, and Michigan. Overall, though, it's considered quite a rare surname.

Variations of the surname Askey

The surname Askey is of Old English origin derived from the personal name "Asketin" which in turn comes from an Old Norse name "Ásketill", meaning "ash kettle" or "god cauldron." Over the centuries, transformation of language and spelling variations gave rise to many versions of the surname.

Variants and spellings may include Askew, Askie, Aisquith, Ascue, Askit, Askott, Asky, Ascott, and some others. There could also be instances where the surname Askey may be represented as Aske, which is again derived from the Norse "askr," meaning ash tree.

It is important to note that these are possible variants derived from similar origins or linguistic transformations. Due to the individual nature of surname development, not all individuals bearing these surnames may be connected or originate from the same lineage, and the surnames as such can also derive from different roots in different contexts. For instance, the surname Askew can also be of locational origin, derived from a place in Northumberland called Askew. Therefore, context and linguistic interpretation contribute a lot to surname variations.

Famous people with the name Askey

  • Ray Askey: Actor, voice-over artist and radio presenter.
  • Tony Askey: Actor, best known for roles on television in Grange Hill, The Bill, Casualty, and Emmerdale.
  • Alan Askey: English actor and comedian known for roles in radio and television shows such as The Halls of Ivy and Bless This House.
  • Robin Askey: Grandson of Ray Askey, actor and voice-over artist.
  • Charlotte Askey: British international dressage rider.
  • Laura Askey: American TV presenter in Hollywood's Pet Star and fashion designer.
  • Paul Askey: British author, film producer and founding chairman of the British Board of Film Classification.
  • Sean Askey: American television writer and producer, best known for his work on shows such as Frasier, Becker and Dharma & Greg.
  • Chelsey Askey: Canadian Figure Skating champion and pair skater.
  • Mark Askey: British author and freelance broadcaster, whose work has appeared in the Guardian, Sunday Times and on BBC Radio.

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