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Surname Asor - Meaning and Origin

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Asor: What does the surname Asor mean?

The last name Asor is of Hebrew origin. It is an occupational surname derived from an ancient family of goldsmiths. The term "Asor" is believed to be derived from the Hebrew word for goldsmith. These goldsmiths specialized in working with gold and other precious metals. The Asor family was renowned throughout the Middle East and its members were highly respected for their craftsmanship.

Asor is a fairly common Jewish surname found among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. It may be used as a stand-alone surname or as part of a double-barreled name. It may also have been adopted by people who weren't originally from the Asor family, such as converts to Judaism.

The Asor family has a long and rich history. The family members have contributed to the growth and development of the Jewish community in both religious and cultural ways. They have made significant contributions in fields such as religion, poetry, education, and politics.

Today, the Asor name is still widely used among Jewish families. Asor is also found in other countries like Israel, Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. It is a reminder of the culture and heritage of the Asor family and its valuable contributions to the Jewish community.

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Asor: Where does the name Asor come from?

The last name Asor is commonly found today in a few countries. It is particularly prevalent in Israel, where it is considered to be an old Sephardic Jewish surname derived from the Spanish name Assor. It is also found in the Middle East, amongst Syrian and Iraqi Jews, primarily in Syria where it is spelled as Assor. Asor is also a popular surname amongst Ghanaian and Nigerian Jews, with the name being rendered as Ashor.

In Europe, Asor is considered to be a rare surname, though it can be found in Turkey and the former Yugoslavian countries. It is also present in the United States, where it is a very uncommon last name, despite its proximity to Israel and other Sephardic Jewish communities. It is likely that the majority of Americans bearing this surname are descendants of Middle Eastern or African Jewish families who immigrated to the US in the late 19th or early 20th centuries.

In addition to the Middle East, Europe and North America, the name is also found in the Caribbean, particularly in Cuba and Brazil. In Cuba, the name is spelled Asor, which is likely a Mediterranean adaptation of the Sephardic form. In Brazil, it is rendered as Assor, and is connected to Portuguese Jews who emigrated to the country in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Overall, the surname Asor is found predominantly in Middle Eastern and African Jewish communities, with pockets of it being found in Europe, North America, the Caribbean, and Brazil. It is likely that the Asor last name will continue to spread as families move between countries or become more connected to one another.

Variations of the surname Asor

The surname Asor has a range of variants that can appear in different spellings or surnames. These variants are clear evidence of the evolution of the original Asor family surname. Some of these variants and spellings of Asor include Asoor, Asoore, Asooreh, Asorra, Asurer, Asooreyeh, Assour, and Asooreya.

Asor is a Semitic name derived from the word “Azhar” which means victory. This name was likely given in recognition of a great victory or success accomplished by a family, and the name was passed from generation to generation.

In some cases, variants of the original Asor surname appear based on the language of the regions where the Asor family resided. For example, the Arabic spelling of Asor is Asoor, and as with most Semitic languages, Asor can be changed based on regional variations. This is why surnames such as Asoore, Asooreh, Asorra, Asurer, Asooreyeh, Assour, and Asooreya have been derived from the original surname of Asor.

It is also important to note that Asor is a traditional Jewish surname. In many cases, the asor name is variously spelled as Asher, Asir, Elazar, and it is also a common name in Israel and nearby countries. Therefore, it is likely that the Asher, Asir, and Elazar form of the Asor surname has a Hebrew origin and was adopted by Jews during their migration from Europe or other Middle Eastern regions.

Ultimately, the Asor surname is a testament to the evolutionary chain of names that have been passed down from parents to their children. Each variation, spelling, and surname of Asor speaks to the rich cultural history and identity of the Asor family and its people.

Famous people with the name Asor

  • Dr. Lawrence Asor: Liberian politician, pastor, and teacher.
  • Lawrence Asor- Hradać: Croatian sculptor.
  • Camille Asor: Filipino field hockey player.
  • Sheron Asor-Bernice: Papua New Guinean politician.
  • Quay Asor: American football player.
  • Beryl Asor: Australian educator and community leader.
  • Kwasi Asor: Ghanaian lawyer and prominent human rights advocate.
  • Nana Akosua Asor-Baah: Ghanaian cultural activist and plastic artist.
  • John Tofa Asor: Nigerian Army officer and chairman of the Ondo State Council of Chiefs in Nigeria.
  • Zohar Asor: Israeli composer and conductor.

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