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Surname Atesci - Meaning and Origin

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Atesci: What does the surname Atesci mean?

The origin of the surname Atesci is from the region of Anatolia, which is now known as modern-day Turkey.

The name may have derived from the Turkish term 'ates', which means fire. It is possible that the ancestors of those who carry the Atesci surname were people who worked with fire or were related to a fire-making profession.

Atesci is also the name of a clan, which was founded by the sons of Kayıoğlu, a prominent commander in the Ottoman Empire. The Kayıoğlu family had first settled in Anatolia in the 12th century and it is thought that their descendants took the Atesci name at some point after this.

Atesci is also believed to be a derivative of the word 'atasc', a traditional Turkish costume, which was associated with the nomadic Kayıoğlu people. It is likely that the Atesci family adopted this name as a sign of their proud lineage and heritage.

Today, Atesci remains a common Turkish surname, usually associated with people who have hailing from or are of Turkish origin. The surname has spread throughout the world and is found in many places, including the United States, Canada and other countries in Europe.

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Atesci: Where does the name Atesci come from?

Atesci is a Turkish surname found mostly in Turkey but also in parts of neighbouring countries like Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. Although Atesci is not very common, it is still a relatively popular name particularly among Turkish-speaking Muslims. The origin of the surname is believed to come from Turkish word “atese”, meaning fire or burning, and the name was probably given to people who live near volcanoes or have some connection with fire.

Today, Atesci is most commonly found in southeastern Turkey, particularly in cities like Gaziantep and Adana. It is also quite common in other parts of Anatolia, such as Konya and Diyarbakir; most of these people are of Kurdish origin and follow the tradition, culture, and language unique to this region. Other places where Atesci is still present are Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, and there are also small communities in Bulgaria, Greece and Azerbaijan.

Given the longstanding presence of the Atesci surname in Anatolia, it is likely that more people will embrace the name and continue to pass it down the generations in the years to come.

Variations of the surname Atesci

The surname Atesci is a patrilinear name of Turkish origin, which has several variants. The most common variant of the name is Atescioglu. This could also appear as Atschinoglu, or as Atscoglu, or Aćesoğlu. Another spelling of the name is Atescu, and Ateshi, both of which are less common. Depending on the location, the surname might appear as Ateşi, Ateşşi, or Ateşoğlu. All of these spellings have the same origin but can appear differently in different regions of Turkey.

In American records, the spelling of the surname might appear as At characteristics such as Ateshka or Ateshki. This could also be seen as Ateshian, Ateshyan, Ateshin, or Ateshian. There are also alternative ways of spelling this name which could include Aćessi and Ateshchi.

It is possible for the surname to appear in records as a hyphenated form, for example; Atesci-Oglu. This is a combination of the most common version of the surname; Atescioglu, and the Turkish postfix –oglu.

There may be additional forms of the surname which appear in records. Due to the many different ways of spelling due to dialects, locations and records transliteration, further research may be necessary.

Famous people with the name Atesci

  • Sungur Savran Atesci: He is a Turkish actor who is popular for his roles in the television series, Suskunlar and İçerde.
  • Gizem Atesci: Gizem is an early career researcher and astronomer based in Istanbul, Turkey. She has been involved in numerous projects related to space astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Deniz Atesci: Deniz is a journalist and anchor from Istanbul. She is the current editor-in-chief of Hürriyet Daily News. 4.kaan Atesci: Kaan is a professional eSports gamer who currently represents the Turkish team “Erectus”. He is best known for playing League of Legends and Counter Strike.
  • Alp Atesci: Alp is a director and actor from Istanbul, Turkey. He’s best known for his works of indie films and television series.
  • Ali Atesci: Ali is a professional boxer from Istanbul, Turkey. He is currently competing in the middleweight division in the World Boxing Council.
  • Hakan Atesci: Hakan is a professional cyclist from Ankara, Turkey. He is a current member of the Torku team, cycling in the Tour of Turkey.
  • Arif Atesci: Arif is a professional photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey. He is best known for his 4K drone shots of Istanbul skyline and landscapes.
  • Semih Atesci: Semih is a Turkish midfielder, playing for Galatasaray in the Turkish Super League. He is best known as one of the top players in his team.
  • Yasemin Atesci: Yasemin is a renowned Turkish fashion designer from Istanbul. She is known for her modern and innovative designs.

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