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Surname Aubert - Meaning and Origin

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Aubert: What does the surname Aubert mean?

The surname Aubert derives from an Old German personal name, "Albert", which is composed of two elements: 'ælf', meaning 'elf' and 'riht' or 'rîc' meaning 'rich, powerful'. The combination of these two elements translates to "elf power" or "power of the elves"; the elves in ancient Germanic cultures were mythical beings usually associated with wisdom, magic, and beauty. Over time, the name Albert transformed into Aubert in different regions, including France, and became a popular given name. Eventually, it also began to be used as a surname. The use of surnames was not common until around the 12th and 13th centuries and was typically derived from a person's occupation, place of residence, or father’s name. Hence, Aubert as a surname would signify being a descendant of a person named Aubert.

Aubert: Where does the name Aubert come from?

The surname Aubert is of French origin and is derived from the personal name Albert. The name Albert is composed of the elements "adal," meaning 'noble', and "berht," meaning 'bright' or 'famous.' Thus, Aubert translates as 'noble and bright.' Aubert has seen variations such as Auberth, Auberrt, Aubbert, and Abert, among others.

This surname originated in the region of Normandy in northern France. Therefore, France remains the country where the Aubert surname is most common today. Canada, due to its early French settlers, is another country with a significant number of people carrying the Aubert surname. It also has a presence in the United States, Australia, and other countries of the English-speaking world. Each of these nations has seen immigration from France at various times throughout history, contributing to the distribution of the surname. Despite its worldwide presence, Aubert is most frequently found in French-speaking regions.

Variations of the surname Aubert

The surname Aubert is of French origin and it is derived from the Old German personal name Alberic, meaning 'elf or supernatural being' and 'power'. Variants of this surname include Auburt, Auber, Aubertin, Auberton, Aubertein and Aubart, among others.

Variant spellings due to regional pronunciations and translations are also common. For example, in different parts of France and Belgium, the name may be spelled as Aubé, Aubéry, Aubery, Aubéry, Albery or Albert.

The name has also been anglicized or altered in other countries to versions such as Albert or Abbott. In some regions of France, double-barrelled versions of the name, such as Aubert-Delage or Aubert-de Vincelles, may also be found.

It may also appear as a surname in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Dutch languages, often spelled slightly differently to reflect the phonetics of those languages, like Auberi in Spanish, or Alberto in Italian.

Moreover, the surname may have been adopted by Ashkenazi Jews across Europe, given the common practice of taking on local surnames, and therefore, variations found in those languages are also possible.

Famous people with the name Aubert

  • Lisa Aubert: French actress and author
  • Jean Aubert: Swiss former cross-country skier
  • Philippe Aubert de Gaspé: Canadian lawyer, author, and politician
  • Count de Lavaurs Lucien Aubert: French general of the First Empire
  • Ollivier Aubert: French singer-songwriter and composer
  • Charley Aubert: French pop-rock and jazz singer and saxophonist
  • Antoine Aubert du Petit Thouars: French naval commander during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars
  • Germaine Aubert: Canadian radio personality and journalist
  • Jacqueline Aubert: Canadian philosopher and academic
  • Hugues-Bernard Aubert de Vogüé: 19th-century French writer on religious and political history
  • Flavien Aubert: Algerian professional footballer
  • Ginette Aubert: French actress
  • Véronique Aubert: French artist and sculptor
  • Jean-Yves Aubert: French politician
  • Paul Aubert: French novelist and playwright
  • Yveline Aubert: French poet and novelist
  • Stephanie Aubert: French poet and playwright
  • Léonce Aubert: Canadian musician and violist
  • François Aubert: French physician, pharmacologist, and toxicologist
  • Martin Aubert: French film director and screenwriter

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