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Surname Aughe - Meaning and Origin

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Aughe: What does the surname Aughe mean?

The last name Aughe is of French origin, and is derived from the French word "aiguille" which means "needle." It is thought that the name was originally given to a maker of needles and other sewing implements.

Aughe has several variants, including Aughey, Aughei, Haghe, Haghee, and Haghey.

Traditionally, the Aughe family lived in the French Brittany region, near the city of Etaples. Later on, members of the family were found in England and in some other European countries.

The Aughe family have carried their name with honor and distinction, and many have made noteworthy contributions to their community. According to some sources, the Aughe family had the distinction of being granted the title of Baronet in the seventeenth century.

In the United States, the Aughe family can be found in all fifty states. Many members of the family have made significant contributions to the arts, sciences, and literature. The Aughe family has also produced numerous notable professional athletes in its four hundred years of existence.

Today, the Aughe family remains as strong as ever, as its members carry on the tradition of excellence that their ancestors established. The Aughe name continues to be a source of honor and pride for the family.

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Aughe: Where does the name Aughe come from?

The last name Aughe is found in several countries today, though in each case it is relatively rare. In the United States, there are around 90 people with the surname Aughe, located primarily in California and Florida. In the United Kingdom, the Office for National Statistics lists 32 people with the surname Aughe, primarily in England. France and Canada each have a fewer number of Aughes.

In some countries, mostly in Europe, the name Aughe is Potuguese in origin. It is derived from aum, a term used to refer to a great-uncle or an old man, and has ties to the biblical figure, Augus. In other countries, the name can be traced to a Germanic root, aug or aig, which are related to strength and augmentation.

The Aughe surname is most likely to be found among people with roots from Portugal, Germany, England, France, and Canada, and in rare cases, other parts of Europe. It is common among some branches of Catholic clerics in France, Italy, and Spain, and is also present in some select places where Portuguese diaspora has settled, such as South America or the Caribbean.

Variations of the surname Aughe

The surname Aughe is an anglicized version of the Dutch name Augge. It is believed to have been derived from a medieval personal name of Germanic origin. Other variants of the surname include Auge, Augge, Auggy, Auggey, Auggie, Ogg, and Ogge.

The Aughe surname is most commonly found in the United States. Especially in the states of North Carolina, Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. It is also prevalent among Europeans, most notably British, Flemish, Dutch, and German.

The Auge, Augge, and Auggy spellings can be traced back to medieval Germany, where it was a common surname found among aristocrats. The Auggey and Auggie spellings are more commonly found in the United States.

The surname Aughe is also found with multiple surnames of similar origin, as surname spelling and pronunciation have changed over time. This includes spellings such as Augus, Augusi, Oggus, Oggs, Ogges, Ogles, and Oglesby.

The surname Ogle is an English variation of the Dutch surname Augge, and it originates from Holland and Belgium. The spelling of Ogle can be traced back to colonial times in the United States, primarily in Virginia, Delaware, and the Carolinas.

The spelling of Oglesby is more commonly found in the United Kingdom, though it also exists in the United States. It is believed to have been brought to America by immigrants possibly from a region of Germany near the Dutch-Belgian border.

Overall, the surname Aughe is found in multiple forms and spellings around the world, with its original variation being Augge. No matter the variant, the root origin is believed to be the Old German "agil".

Famous people with the name Aughe

  • Ross Aughe: basketball player, currently in the British Basketball League
  • Dr. Joshua Aughe: American gynecologic oncologist and endographed robotic surgeon
  • John Aughe: American film editor
  • Glenn Aughe: Canadian snowboarder
  • Danny Aughe: New York-based photographer
  • Ronald W. Aughe: professor of chemistry at Montana State University-Northern
  • Joseph Augusthe: French composer
  • Myron Aughe: American professional wrestler
  • Chris Aughe: Seattle-based digital artist
  • Dan Aughe: computer game designer

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