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Surname Aulby - Meaning and Origin

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Aulby: What does the surname Aulby mean?

The last name Aulby is of German and Dutch origin, and is derived from the Old Norse word ólfr, meaning ‘elf’. This indicates that the first bearer of the name was likely an elf-like creature, or more likely a person with a strong, mystical, or even supernatural connection to elves. It is also possible that the first Aulby ancestor was someone who lived near a place associated with elves, or who practiced a profession related to elves.

Aulby is a relatively uncommon name, but bearers of the name can be found in Great Britain, the United States, Canada, and Australia. In Australia, there were a handful of families who arrived aboard the ill-fated Dunbar in 1857; descendants of these families can still be found living in the country today.

For those carrying the Aulby name, the elf connection may have led to a popularity of topics that are associated with it – stories and myths, tales of the supernatural, and creatures of legend. Many of those carrying the name believed that it was a sign of special knowledge and magical power that was passed down through the generations.

The legacy of the Aulby name can still be seen today in the works of fiction and fantasy literature where elves are often featured as loyal companions or mystery-solving detectives. In this way, the name Aulby serves as a reminder of a distant, mysterious past – a legacy of surprise, fantasy and adventure.

Aulby: Where does the name Aulby come from?

The last name Aulby is of English origin and is still quite common today in England and the surrounding countries of the United Kingdom. Last name Aulby is found throughout eastern and northern England, primarily in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire. There is a notable concentration around the city of Lincoln, which has the highest concentration of Aulby families. Families with this surname have been present here since at least the 13th century, making it one of the oldest surnames in the region.

The Aulby name is also present today in other parts of Europe such as France, Sweden, Germany, Finland, and Denmark. In the United States, the prevalence of the Aulby name is associated with descendants of families who emigrated from the UK in the 19th century. Aulby families are spread across the entire United States, but they are concentrated in the midwestern states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, and Michigan.

The Aulby name is derived from the Old English language originating from former Anglo-Saxon tribes that inhabit the British Isles. The original spelling of the word was Assa-Lea, and later it evolved into Aulby. The literal translation of Aulby is "from the town on the hill". Today, people with the Aulby name may take pride in their Anglo-Saxon heritage as this surname remains one of the oldest surnames in the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Aulby

The surname Aulby is derived from a place name in Yorkshire, which is thought to originate from the Old English words alor (meaning alder tree) and by (a homestead or village). As a result, variants and spellings of the surname include Aulbe, Awlby, Aldby, Allby, Alby, Aulbie, Aulbie, Awlbie, Aldbie, Allbie and Albie. Spelling variations of surnames were often caused by differences in pronunciation, regional dialects and various scribes that recorded the name.

In addition, variants and surnames of the same origin as Aulby include Alvah, Alvis, Elvish, Alvel, Elvel, Elviss, Aulfe, Elvy, Elvus, Elvid, Alva, Elvas, Elvon, Elward, Elwelte, Welty and Elwin.

Most variants and spellings of the surname Aulby and names of the same origin either originated from, or are associated with Yorkshire, England.

Surnames often underwent changes in spelling as cultures and languages changed over time. In the distant past, the spelling of surnames often correlated with how the names were pronounced, and so Aulby may also be spelled in other ways such as Alve, Alba, Albor, Allbor, Aldbor, Allbin and Albin.

Famous people with the name Aulby

  • Chad Aulby: Professional Poker Player
  • John Aulby: Former British Army Major
  • Tania Aulby: Former Squash and Racquetball World Champion
  • Trudi Aulby: Former Olympic Speed Skater
  • Alexander Aulby: Former England Football Player
  • Thomas Aulby: Professional Motocross Rider
  • Pat Aulby: British Darts Player
  • Richard Aulby: Modern Composer and Conductor
  • Charly Aulby: French Professional Handball Player
  • Stephen Aulby: Former British Formula One Race Driver

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