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Surname Ausman - Meaning and Origin

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Ausman: What does the surname Ausman mean?

The last name Ausman is of German origin. It is derived from the German word “ausmann,” which means “man of the house.” In German, it was used as a term of respect for the head of a household. This could be a male relative or even a property owner. The name Ausman refers to someone who was the leader of the house.

Throughout history, the Ausman name was found in various parts of Germany, including what is now considered the German-speaking parts of Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. It is also found in many other countries, including the United States, Canada, England, and Australia.

In the United States, the Ausman family is most commonly found in the northern Midwest. Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan are the three states where the Ausman name is most common. This suggests that there may have been several waves of Ausman family migration from Germany to the US in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The name Ausman is still quite common today. The members of this family have a variety of different professions and endeavors, including politics, business, science, and literature. Many of those who bear the name have achieved notable success in their fields, and some of them are renowned for their philanthropy as well.

For all these reasons, the name Ausman has come to represent strength, leadership, and ambition for generations. It is a powerful legacy that has been carried forward by the generations of the Ausman family.

Ausman: Where does the name Ausman come from?

The last name Ausman is common in Europe, particularly in Germany and Poland where it is spelled Ausmann or Osman. Records from the 18th century show that Ausmann originated in the northern German states and many families spell the name this way still today. It is also common in the Netherlands and Northern France.

In the United States, Ausman is less common although families with the name are found in states such as Ohio, Iowa, Michigan and California. A surname expert at states that some branches of the Ausman family are connected to Scandinavian immigrants who arrived in the US in the 19th century.

The Ausman surname is not listed in the top 1,000 surnames among Americans of European origin, according to the 2020 US Census data. However, the Ausman name does appear in the list of surnames seen in the 2020 Census data for Americans of Hispanic origin. It is likely that the Ausman surname was adopted by some families when they immigrated to the United States from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Overall, the Ausman surname is most common in Europe, particularly Germany and Poland. In the United States, the surname is less common, but can still be found in some states and among Americans of Hispanic origin.

Variations of the surname Ausman

The surname Ausman is an anglicized version of the German surnames Ausmann, Ousmann, Ousman, Ausman, and Aussman. It is derived from the common German word “osmann”, meaning “son of Azzo”. This is a reference to the German name “Azzo”. It is believed that the surname Ausman first appeared in German lands around the 12th century.

The variants of Ausman can include Ausmann, Ousmann, Ousman, Ausman, Aussman, Osman, Osmann, Ozman, Oswan, Ozman, and Osnan. Spellings of the surname Ausman include Ausman, Ouzman, Ouseman, Osman, Ousman, Ozanne, Ozman, and Aussman.

There are several variants and spellings of the surname Ausman, so it is important to research each variant and spelling in order to properly trace the family lineage. Surnames of similar origin include Awsman, Awsmann, Aweisman, Ouweman, Ouseman, Awsmann, Ozment, Ozenman, Ausmaner, Aussmallye, Ouzmane, and Ousmelye.

Regardless of the spelling and variant, the surname Ausman has remained unchanged in meaning. It is a surname that has been passed down for centuries and is still popular today.

Famous people with the name Ausman

  • Kyle Ausman: professional lacrosse player
  • Ari Ausman: actor known for roles in films such as One Buck and Dogs of Democracy
  • Mark Ausman: actor best known for his role in The Warlord
  • Kenneth Ausman: Broadway actor and singer
  • Paul Ausman: American football player
  • Robert Ausman: screenwriter
  • Joanna Ausman: actress best known for The Dark Knight and Immortally Yours
  • Giselle Ausman: television personality and actress
  • Alina Ausman: professional basketball player
  • Richard Ausman: lawyer and former chief of staff to the Governor of New Jersey

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