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Surname Austin Sr - Meaning and Origin

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Austin Sr: What does the surname Austin Sr mean?

The last name "Austin" is of English and French origin, deriving from the medieval personal name 'Aust(i)in', which was taken from the Latin form of Augustine meaning ‘venerable’ or ‘magic dignity'. The "Sr" which follows "Austin" indicates that the person is a senior, typically used to distinguish a father from a son with the same name. So, "Austin Sr" would suggest that this is the elder Austin in a family, and there is likely an "Austin Jr" in the same family, who is his son. This nomenclature is popular in many cultures to signify both hierarchy in a family lineage and honor for the family patriarch.

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Austin Sr: Where does the name Austin Sr come from?

The surname Austin Sr. is of English origin, derived from the personal name "Austin", an Anglicized form of the Latin "Augustinus". This Latin name was popular throughout Europe due to the influence of the famous theologian Saint Augustine of Hippo. The abbreviation "Sr." is an honorific indicating "Senior," usually attached to a father's name when a son shares the same name.

The surname Austin, without the “Sr.”, is common in the United States, England, Canada, and Australia. Those who might use the "Sr." would be in situations where a junior, or "Jr." exists; thus a father or elder male in the family might use "Sr." to differentiate from his son or younger male family member with the same first and last name. However, the usage of "Sr." and "Jr." varies and is less common in places like the UK compared to the US.

As for the specific surname "Austin Sr.", it is likely to be less common overall, as it is more of a specific naming condition rather than a widely spread surname. The continuous prevalence would depend on the naming traditions within that particular family.

Variations of the surname Austin Sr

The surname Austin is originally derived from the Latin name “Augustinus”, and has a rich history with varied spelling and variants. Some common versions include Austen, Aistin, Ostin and Ostine. Versions such as Augustine, Augustin, or Auston are also found in certain communities. Some individuals, particularly in French-speaking cultures, might use a surname like D'Austin or D'Austen.

As for surnames of the same origin, Augustine and Ashton are two notable examples. Augustine evolved straight from Augustinus, whereas Ashton has Old English origins, akin to Austin that became common in England.

Another related surname is Garrison, which is comparable to Austin Sr, indicating a seniority or leadership role within a family or community.

Moreover, when considering matronymic or patronymic surnames from the same root, you might encounter names such as Austinson or Austinsdottir.

Note that Austin Sr itself is not a version of the surname but a designation of elder status within a family. This would be used by a father if his son were named after him, as in "Austin Sr." and "Austin Jr."

Famous people with the name Austin Sr

  • Quincy Jones Sr.
  • George W. Austin Sr.
  • Grady Austin Sr.
  • Lawrence Austin Sr.
  • James Madison Austin Sr.
  • Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback Austin Sr.
  • Otis Austin Sr.
  • Arthur Austin Sr.
  • Clarence Raymond Austin Sr.
  • Erwin Austin Sr.
  • Elijah Austin Sr.
  • Thomas Roy Austin Sr.
  • William Charles Austin Sr.
  • Richard J. Austin Sr.
  • Foy Austin Sr.
  • Hiram Austin Sr.
  • Jack Austin Sr.
  • Warren Austin Sr.
  • Theodore Austin Sr.
  • Dennis Austin Sr.

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