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Surname Austria - Meaning and Origin

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Austria: What does the surname Austria mean?

The last name Austria is derived from a Germanic ethnic group known as the Ostarrîchi, who settled in Austria in the 9th century. The word “Austria" is likely derived from the Germanic words "auro-“, which means “east”—and “Strîchi” or “rich”, which is used to refer to the affluent state of Austria. The Ostarrîchi are thought to have been part of ancient Germanic tribes, such as the Bavarians and the Lombards, who settled in the Danube River Valley during the Migration Period of the 5th century.

Over the years, as Austria’s territory grew larger and the population grew more influential, the origin of the name shifted to being more about the political territory it represented. The name “Austria” soon became synonymous with the larger component of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that accompanied the formation of their monarchy in the 19th century.

Today, the surname Austria is closely associated with people from Austria and Austrians living abroad. Those with the surname are often proud of their heritage and are proud to be able to trace their ancestry back to the powerful ancient Germanic tribe of the Ostarrîchi. Although the original roots of the name Austria were linked to a small Germanic tribe, it has grown in significance over the years to represent an entire nation.

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Austria: Where does the name Austria come from?

The last name Austria is a relatively widespread surname today, with concentrations in many regions of the world. The United States is home to the highest number of Austria families, including those of Hispanic and Latino descent, with California, Texas, and New York being the three leading states. It is also common in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Chile, which may be due to the large number of immigrants who have left their homeland. Other locations with significant populations of Austria include the United Kingdom, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Uruguay, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. In Europe, Austria can be found in countries such as Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, and Slovenia.

Austria is also a popular Asian surname with a significant presence in China, India, and the Philippines, and parts of the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. This is likely a result of the influence of Spanish and Portuguese missionaries who moved to these areas and carried with them the last name Austria. In Africa, the most notable countries with Austria families are Angola, Tanzania, and Kenya.

In general, the last name of Austria appears to be virtually universal, with its origins reaching far into the past and its influence spreading far and wide in the 21st century. Its commonality in different countries and cultures speaks to its status as a widely-recognized, established surname.

Variations of the surname Austria

The surname Austria is derived from the Germanic term "austr," meaning "eastern." Variants and other spellings of the surname include Austri, Auster, Austrer, and Austracker.

The Austri surname is found in many countries of the world. In the United States, it is frequently spelled Austria. In England and Ireland, Auster is the preferred spelling. In Germany and Austria, Austerer and Austracker are the preferred spellings.

Austria is also used as an exonym for the Austria-Hungary Empire. Some families who trace their ancestry to the Austria-Hungary Empire may use the surname Austria when they refer to their lineage.

The variant surnames derived from Austria include: Austar, Austen, Austerfield, Austraat, Austren, Austrin, Austron, and Austry.

Additionally, there is a small population of Austrians who have adopted Anglicized versions of their surname, such as Aust, Austin, Oster, Ostert, and Minster.

The Austrians are known for their sense of patriotism, and the surname Austria is a testament to this. For generations, this name has been a reminder of a strong national heritage. Regardless of spelling, the surname Austria is associated with a proud culture and history.

Famous people with the name Austria

  • Chito Austria: Filipino singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, producer, and film director.
  • Vic Austria: Filipino actor, television director, and entrepreneur.
  • Theo Austria: Filipino politician from the Progressive Party of the Philippines.
  • Marinel Austria: Filipino professional triathlete who competes in multisport races including the Ironman Triathlon.
  • Johnny Austria: Filipino basketball coach and former professional basketball player in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).
  • Edward Austria: Filipino football manager and former player.
  • Jesús Austria: Colombian regional politician.
  • Santiago Austria: Spanish rower who competed in the 1988 Summer Olympics.
  • Adolfo Austria: Peruvian football defender and manager.
  • Alejandro Austria: Spanish footballer.
  • Roy Austria: Filipino football coach and former player.
  • John Austria: Filipino stand-up comedian and actor.
  • Leon Austria: Filipino-American basketball coach.
  • Luis Austria: Mexican politician.
  • Humberto Austria: Mexican footballer.
  • Salvador Austria: Filipino actor, musician, and comedian.

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