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Surname Avance - Meaning and Origin

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Avance: What does the surname Avance mean?

The surname Avance is derived from the Old French word 'avancer,' which means 'to advance.' It is believed to have been used to describe someone who was leading or progressing forward. Avance was often used to denote a leader or a skilled worker in their given field.

In the Middle Ages, Avance was used by warriors to indicate a leader or a person of high rank. It was also often used to describe someone who was a successful merchant, craftsman, or trader. Avance was also frequently given to the eldest son in a family to indicate not just status but also authority and leadership that was expected of this particular member of the family.

In the modern day, Avance is still used by many families and is a well-known and recognizable surname. It is often seen as representing a legacy of leadership that has been passed down over the generations, as well as a reminder of the importance of progress and progression. Avance is thus a surname that carries with it a legacy of success in both personal and professional life, but also a sense of leadership and forward-thinking that have been passed down over time.

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Avance: Where does the name Avance come from?

The last name Avance is most commonly associated with Spanish-speaking countries. It has its roots in Spain, where it is thought to have originated as a historic noble family name. It is still commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Avance has also spread to other Spanish-speaking countries around the world, such as Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, Chile, and Paraguay. In the United States, Avance is also a relatively common surname, primarily with Hispanic populations in the West and Southwest.

Avance can also be found in parts of Europe. It is common in Spain, but can also be found in France, Portugal, Italy, and Germany. It is less common in other areas such as the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, but there are still a few families with the surname in those parts of the world.

Overall, the last name Avance is commonly associated with Spanish-speaking countries, but can also be found throughout the world in different regions and cultures.

Variations of the surname Avance

Avance is a French surname that is most commonly spelled the same. However, there are many other variants and spellings of the name, due to its French origin. These include Avans, Avaunce, Avançe, Avansse, Avanze, Avanceaux, Avancesse, Avence, Avenceau, Avenceaux, Avenceauz, Avencee, Avancey, Avancée, Avancier, Avancer, Avancy, Avanci, Avanciar, Avançie, Avançier, Avançière, Avançus, Avanza, Avencey, Avenci, Avenciar, Avencier, Avency and Avenzie.

Surnames that are similar in origin to the name Avance include Avez, Avec, Avic, Avis, Avence, Avançon, Avancegu, Avey, Avier, Aviere, Avierez, Avien, Avisse, Avieux, Avigu, Avillain, Avin, Avinel, Avitau, Avive, Avois, Avantage, Avantet, Avantier, Avanx, Avanzey, Avau, Avoux, Avouxe, Avron and Avronse.

The name Avance is also commonly seen spelled with accent marks over the "a" and the "e" to reflect French pronunciation. This is not common outside of France, so if you are searching for the name outside of the country, it is unlikely that the accents will appear in the spelling.

Famous people with the name Avance

  • Rick Avance, a retired soccer player from the United States.
  • Avance Lazore, a former ambassador from the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne.
  • Trina Avance, a former beauty pageantry titleholder in the Philippines.
  • Alex Avance, a Filipino singer, songwriter, and producer.
  • Roberto Avance, an Argentine professional football coach.
  • Jonathan Avance, a Costa Rican soccer coach.
  • Chris Avance, Jr., a basketball coach for three NBA teams.
  • Ruben Avance, an American filmmaker and television director.
  • Erick Avance, an American short-story writer and novelist.
  • Dave Avance, an American guitarist and vocalist.
  • Juan Avance, a Galician-Mexican journalist.
  • Romon Avance, a German rugby union player.
  • Lorian Avance, an American recording artist and songwriter.
  • David Avance, a French scientist specialising in astronomy and astrophysics.
  • Dailin Avance, a former Bahamian volleyball player.

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