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Surname Azev - Meaning and Origin

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Azev: What does the surname Azev mean?

The last name Azev is of Jewish origin. It is derived from the Yiddish word "azove," which means "seal."

The origin of the surname Azev can be traced back to the Jewish population of Eastern Europe. In this region, most people did not have a permanent surname. They were identified with a patronymic derived from the father's given name and the suffix -azev or -azer.

Due to poverty and political persecution, between the late 1700s and World War II, millions of Eastern European Jews left their homes and settled in other parts of Europe. As they moved, they adopted or were given European names. This is how the surname Azev spread through the diaspora.

Today, many people of Jewish faith in America and Canada use this surname. They may also be referred to as Ashkenazi Jews. Members of this traditionally religious ethnic population struggle to protect their culture and celebrate their Jewish heritage.

The name Azev is a reminder of both the ancestral history of the Jews and their current culture. It honors their roots and serves as a testament to the tenacity of their people, who endured thousands of years of adversity, displacement, and discrimination.

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Azev: Where does the name Azev come from?

Today, the last name Azev is most commonly found in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions. It is mainly found among the Oghuz Turks, which is a branch of the Turkic peoples. This last name is particularly common in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It is also found in portions of Russia, Georgia, and Turkmenistan.

The name likely derives from the Turkic word "az", which means "first" or "bold". This connotation implies that individuals named Azev had courage and were often first to march onto the battlefield in times of war.

In addition to the Caucasus and Central Asia, this last name can found in other regions with large Turkic populations. It is especially common in Central Europe, Central Asia, and western Asia. In the United States, the name Azev can be found primarily in states along the east coast, such as Massachusetts and New York.

In conclusion, the last name Azev is most commonly found in the Caucasus and Central Asia regions, though it has spread across Central Europe, the US, and other parts of the world. This last name likely has its origins from the Oghuz Turks and conveys a trait of courage and boldness.

Variations of the surname Azev

The surname Azev is of Jewish origin from the Russian language, and its variants spellings and surnames vary depending on the dialect. The most commonly seen form of the surname is spelled ‘Ayzev’, which is used in Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. Other variants of this name include ‘Ayzhev’, ‘Ayzkov’, ‘Ayzhevich’, ‘Ayzevich’, ‘Izev’, and ‘Azov’.

The spelling of this surname is often dependent on the region, as the diacritical marks used in the Cyrillic alphabet were often omitted in Jewish records during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This changing dialect has also led to a variety of surnames, including ‘Azev’, ‘Aizhev’, ‘Aizhkov’, ‘Aizhevich’, ‘Aizevich’, ‘Ezev’, and ‘Esov’.

This variety of spellings and surnames is due to the prevalence of Hebrew amongst Ashkenazi Jews during this time period, as well as the regional and diasporic differences between Jews from different parts of Russia and Eastern Europe. For example, many Jews from Belarus used the name ‘Ayzhev’, whilst Ukrainian Jews often used the name ‘Azov’.

No matter the variant, spelling or surname variation, all of these names are ultimately derivative forms of the Russian surname ‘Azev’. As such, they can be considered as part of the same family and cultural heritage.

Famous people with the name Azev

  • Ignacio Azev: Argentinian professional bullfighter.
  • Elani Azevedo: Brazilian tennis player.
  • Marcelo Azev: Brazilian basketball player.
  • Gastón Azevedo: Uruguayan footballer.
  • Patrícia Azev: Brazilian television presenter.
  • Josué Azevedo: Brazilian former professional cyclist.
  • William Azevedo: Brazilian former football goalkeeper.
  • Elio Azevedo: Brazilian footballer.
  • Fred Azevedo: Brazilian actor.
  • Álex Azevedo: Brazilian football player.
  • Débora Azev: Brazilian writer.
  • Wagner Azev: Brazilian basketball player.
  • Rafael Azev: Brazilian drummer.
  • Pedro Azevedo: Brazilian composer and saxophonist.
  • Luiz Chaves Azevedo: Brazilian lawyer.
  • Eduardo Azevedo: Brazilian professional wrestler.
  • Fábio Lúcio Azevedo: Brazilian footballer.
  • Mário Azevedo: Brazilian racing driver.
  • Rodrigo Azev: Brazilian illustrator.
  • Carolina Azevedo: Brazilian singer.

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