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Surname Azman - Meaning and Origin

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Azman: What does the surname Azman mean?

The last name Azman is a Jewish variation of the Hebrew name Asherman. Originally, the name derived from the Hebrew word “ish” (man, or man of). It ultimately indicated a person who was strong, courageous, and brave. In some cases, the name was also associated with a kind of strength in character or class related to a person’s profession.

Over time, different regional variations of the name developed. That includes the German variation of Azman, which was used by Ashkenazi Jews who had settled into central and eastern Europe in the later medieval era and early modern period. The name was also adopted by some families living in the Ukraine.

Jewish immigrants to the United States also brought the name over in the 19th century, and various variants are now found in scattered pockets throughout the world. Generally, the name is still seen as a signifier of strength and courage, and those who bear it are often admired for their unflagging sense of purpose and unwavering commitment to their beliefs.

In short, the last name Azman indicates a person of strength, courage, and bravery, a trait that has been carried through the generations to each subsequent bearer. It is a name that sets its owner apart and identifies them as someone who goes the extra mile for what they believe in.

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Azman: Where does the name Azman come from?

The last name Azman is most common today in countries with a significant Muslim population. This includes countries such as India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Sudan, Syria, and Jordan. It is also found in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and other parts of North Africa.

The name Azman is thought to have been derived from the Arabic language and means “guard”, “protector”, or “custodian”. The name could also be related to the biblical prophet Azar or even to the ancient Aztecs.

In some areas of Indian subcontinent, Azman is also used as an honorary title or a form of address. Countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan, have a good number of people who use the last name of Azman.

In terms of its numeric frequency, the last name Azman does not rank particularly high among all last names. According to the 2020 U.S. Census, it ranks at 6,848 out of 88,799 surnames. It is also not particularly common in the United Kingdom either, ranking 13,730th out of 20,000 surnames.

The last name Azman can also be found elsewhere around the world. In the United Arab Emirates for instance, the surname is relatively more commonplace and is thought to have been adopted by some of the country’s many expatriates. It is also present in small numbers in other parts of the world such as Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Azman

The surname Azman is believed to be derived from German, Jewish, and Yiddish origins. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include:

Azman – The most commonly used spelling.

Azmanov – This is a Yiddish spelling of the name.

Azmen – This variation is likely derived from the Polish surname variation.

Azmanovitch – This version of the name is most likely a Yiddish patronymic form.

Ozman – This variation is likely derived from the German spelling.

Ozmaner – This is again another German spelling of the name.

Azmanoff – This variation is thought to be derived from the Russian spelling.

Azmaner – Another German version of the name.

Ozmen – Another Polish variation of the name.

Azmanowsky – This form of the name is likely derived from the Polish spelling.

Asman – This version of the name is likely derived from the Yiddish spelling.

Azmanowicz – This version of the name is likely derived from the Polish spelling.

Ozment – Another English variation of the name.

Azmener – This variation is derived from both the German and Yiddish spelling.

Azmon – This version of the name is likely derived from the Hebrew spelling.

Azmaniak – This variation is most likely a patronymic form of the Polish spelling.

Ozmanowicz – This variation is likely a patronymic form of the Polish spelling.

Azmanowicz – Another patronymic form of the Polish spelling.

Ozmański – This variation is likely derived from the Polish spelling.

Azmenauer – This version of the name is likely derived from the German spelling.

Ozmanov – This version of the name is likely derived from the Yiddish spelling.

Famous people with the name Azman

  • M. Sazali Azman − Malaysian model
  • Raja Farah Azman − Malaysian field hockey player
  • Khairil Azman − Malaysian swimmer
  • Makarim Azman: Malaysian volleyball player
  • Faiz Azman: Malaysian football player
  • Ardillah Azman: Malaysian badminton player
  • Nadira Azman: Malaysian YouTuber
  • Tengku Faris Azman − Malaysian actor
  • A.H. Azman: Malaysian economist
  • Nurul Huda Azman: Malaysian footballer
  • Azman Black: Malaysian rock band
  • Normadiah Azman: Malaysian hiker
  • Azman Hashim: Malaysian entrepreneur
  • Syahrul Azman: Malaysian football player
  • Akim Azman: Malaysian actor
  • Mustapha Azman: Malaysian actor
  • Saiful Azman: Malaysian singer
  • Hamilton Azman: Malaysian swimmer
  • Sharizan Azman: Malaysian actor
  • Yusrina Azman: Malaysian singer

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