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Surname Aznvagan - Meaning and Origin

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Aznvagan: What does the surname Aznvagan mean?

The last name Aznvagan is an Armenian name with various origins. It possibly derives from the Armenian word “azn,” which can mean “dim,” “dark,” or “black,” and “vagan,” meaning “leader.” According to some sources, it can also be derived from the name of a deity Aznavourian who was considered an ancestor to Armenia.

An alternate version of the origin of the name is that it could have come from the combination of two last names from the 12th and 13th centuries—Azn and Vahan. While there isn’t much written history of these names, it’s believed that they had some connection to a royal family or high-ranking official.

The meaning of the name has been associated with honor, bravery, strength, power, and nobility. In modern times, people with the last name Aznvagan are still finding success in different areas of life.

In essence, the last name Aznvagan is a powerful family name that carries with it a sense of honor, bravery, strength, power, and nobility. It’s a name steeped in history that has endured through the passage of time.

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Aznvagan: Where does the name Aznvagan come from?

The last name Aznvagan is somewhat uncommon today, however, there is evidence of its use today, especially in Armenia. Aznvagan is an Armenian surname which is believed to have originated in Armenia sometime during the medieval period. It is believed to have originated from the first name Azen, which is derived from the Armenian word “azen” meaning “wise one”. Today, some people with the last name Aznvagan are living in Armenia, but also in the United States, Canada, and other countries with a large Armenian population such as Syria, Turkey, and Russia.

The last name Aznvagan is also found in some religious communities in the United States and Canada. In the United States, there are Armenian churches and communities of people with the last name who have been immigrating to the United States since the 19th century. In Canada, there is a notable Armenian presence in the Canadian province of Alberta. Additionally, there are further references to the surname in Armenian genocide records as being associated with Armenians who left for the United States during the 19th century.

In conclusion, the last name Aznvagan is a rare Armenian surname which is present in Armenia, as well as in countries where there is a notable Armenian diaspora such as the United States and Canada. The name has historical roots in Armenia, and is associated with the Armenian genocide which started in the 19th century.

Variations of the surname Aznvagan

The surname Aznvagan has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Aznvagan itself can be spelled in a number of ways including: Aznvogn, Aznvognn, Ecnavagan, Ecnavagon, Eznavagan, Aznavagans, and Aznvaganov. The most common variants are often found with double n and v, such as Aznvvagan.

Other possible spellings include Eanvagan, Henvan, Henvagne, Anvogin, Anvogn, Anvovgan, Anvogon, and Anvogann. There are also variants with a consonant inserted in the middle, such as Azenvagann.

Other surnames of the same origin include Ozanvagin, Tanvigin, Tanvagn, Vanviggene, Vanvegen, Vanveghn, Vinvaggen, and Vinvagin.

Another spelling variation is Aznavaganova, used most frequently in Russia. This could be a patronymic surname derived from a male ancestor with the Aznavagan surname.

The surname Aznvagan is also found in Eastern Europe, specifically in Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Romania, where it is spelled as Aznagay, Aznageya, Aznavga, and Aznavgey. It can also be found among Jewish families who immigrated the Ashkenazic region of Eastern Europe, usually spelled as Zinevogen or Zinevogne.

However, all of these variations of the surname Aznvagan derive from the same original root, which was used by many cultures. In the end, the surname originated with an ancient Slavic word meaning "cool or pleasant".

Famous people with the name Aznvagan

  • Gagik Aznavourian (also known as Gagik Aznavourian, or Gagik Aznavouryan, born in 1964), Armenian singer-songwriter and poet.
  • Avag Aznavuryan (born in 1933), Armenian First National Channel director and screenwriter.
  • Ovik Aznavourian (born in 1956), Armenian language and literature professor at Yerevan State University.
  • Anahit Aznavourian (born in 1987), Armenian actress and model.
  • Eric Aznavour (born in 1964), Armenian singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur.
  • Tigran Aznvagan (born in 1988), Armenian football player.
  • Leila Aznavourian (born in 1962), Armenian classical and folk singer.
  • Frosik Aznavourian (born in 1964), Armenian actor.
  • Adrina Aznavourian (born in 1981), Armenian artist.
  • Agop Beglarian Aznavourian (born in 1957), Armenian businessman and philanthropist.

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